Bobby Diapers And A Lifting Journey To Experience Their Early Life

Over 19 years in Vietnam market, Bobby creates many imprints thanks to effective improvements in protecting the young body from the newborn stage to age. Bobby brings many specialized improvements to create diapers that optimize the slightness, softness, absorbing, perfecting the children's experience through the development stages. More than 19 years is a non-stop research journey of brand to meet Vietnamese mother's expectations in the child's hygiene care issue in the first few months of life. Five 2018, for the first time Bobby launched the concept " Diamond absorbent groove "- Technology for pressing a core of diamond-shaped core specialized liquids according to permeable grooves, helps quickly absorbs and lock the liquid into the deep inside the cotton core, preventing back to the surface. Diamond absorbent groove appears on both neonatal diapers and bobby pants diapers, helping mothers be more secure when young skin is dry, avoiding the adhesion of dirt all day long

. With a special concern for lanes Sensitive, sensitive newborn skin, 2019, Bobby continues to improve the newborn paste surface with soft cotton-soft material with soft vitamin E supplement. The brand of newborn skin care is always a big challenge, because the smallest irritants affect the skin (the body's unique protective film) also affects the health of the child. Newborn diapers owned soft cotton-soft surfaces such as cotton with skin care essence, mothers increased their confidence because their skin was protected and nurtured optimally
Protect newborn skin Fragile is one of the top important tasks. Insurance 2020, with the desire to create a diaper with higher absorbent, responding to the strict expectations of modern mothers, experts Bobby has adopted the technology of 4,000 super-speed permeability holes for newborn and surface diapers of 3,000 instant absorbing holes with a diaper product. These improvements have so far shows the pride of Bobby in providing Finished children's diaper products, meet absorbent, dry and dry criteria for babies feeling comfortable from the first few months. Bobby's Japanese experts are constantly n Rescue to produce innovative products, in accordance with the child's body characteristics through each stage. No ignoring any physiological characteristics even the smallest body on the young body, also in 2020, Bobby launches Advanced buffer / backs of sweat absorbing for both newborn paste and diaper pants. It also helps mothers understand and spend more concerns about young care for sweating, avoid unwanted consequences such as long-term wet skin, dermatitis, young cold ... Improving soft tissue green tissue technology in newborn pasting diapers and Bobby diapers helps quickly absorb sweat of the back, the abdomen of children, keeping the skin dry. As a result, mom can take better child care, minimize sweat drying time
With the purpose of bringing children more comfortable feeling, Bobby applied special pressing technology to make a newborn core Cotton-soft 3 mm and diaper "Miracle compression core" 3 mm.3 mm is considered ideal thinness, creating a difference. 3 mm core bobby sticker applies special compressed core technology combined with skin-friendly cotton material, both thin lightweight, soft and soft. Use newborn stickers Bobby Cotton-Soft 3 mm core Peace of mind because the baby is inserted in soft and comfortable smoothness. With 3 mm thin compression core improvement, Bobby's newborn diaper responds to mother's strict requirements in finding "strong assistants" . Sharing about satisfaction after using Bobby, Hoai Thu (Hanoi) said: "I welcome my first angel. After the study period, I decided to choose a new Bobby newborn sticker diaper for 3 mm compression core for you. Not only thin, newborn pasting diapers also make me peace of mind because of absorbing the child's dirt goodness ". Supporting hygiene for babies, she saves a lot of time. She plans to continue to choose Bobby pants diaper when you step into the age of loving / flip.Giang Nhat Minh

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