Body Thuy Ha First Revealed The Story Of Teaching Unlike Dreaming On The United States: No Insurance, Pregnant With A ‘consuming’ Nearly 200 Million Vnd

The shared of the actress of Tim Thuy Ha about the journey to give birth to the second daughter to make many people unexpectedly. The latest of the chat program with Mother's mother's mother and milk with the participation of guests are Than Thuy actors Ha. Here, the Beautiful People U50 first shared a specific child's journey on his American soil. No insurance, expensive cost, harsh weather conditions make the two actress mother's mother's experience uncomfortable. Thus Thuy Ha actor appears very beautiful at chat with mother diaper milk

. The program, actress confessed, the second child giving birth to 40 years old, but she still didn't know how to give birth as before he was born with a meal. Even so, she still suggested that she was born. However, this shaken time of Body Thuy Ha was not easy when she was painful for 3 days 4 nights
"It's time, I still have to keep the notebook, how much is it. During that a few days, every meals don't eat half a bowl of rice because of the pain", she Obsessive remembering.Than Thuy Ha when pregnant with the second child. The actor is very hard. Not only that, Body Thuy Ha is quite worried when the costs of antenatal care in the US are quite high. Because there is no insurance, she has to spend $ 2,700 (more than 62 million VND) for each pregnancy test. The labor pain prolongedly, the actress must measure the heart of the pregnancy a total of 3 times, especially the cost for this has consumed nearly 200 million dong. After more than 3 days of turbidity with the labor pain, the new actress Amniotic fluid. At this time, the cervix opened 6cm, she was still determined to be born and asked a doctor to inject antenatal anesthesia and then slept 6 hours to put her strength. Fortunately, the births of Tinh Thuy Ha took place successfully
Looking at the daughter who was born, the funny actress thought: "Looking at your baby, it knows that the last time, the sound of sneezing makes the doctor also laugh because the sound is as big as an adult". Stressed, the journey of raising small children of Thuy Ha was more difficult. After 3 days of childbirth, the actress was home but was blocked milk rays. Although he has experienced from the previous birth, preparing measures but Body Thuy Ha still has a fever and must be hospitalized for emergency. The doctor appointed her to drink a variety of drugs, milking, but the stain status was not relieved. Body girl's girl was now more than 2 years old. Young images, radiantly to be downloaded near This makes many people unexpectedly about the beauty of the mother's 2 children. Cold 5 degrees C, birth, she returned home still had to use a shower to spray water into her chest for more than 1 hour, the new milk is pine. After the challenge of milk rays, Body Thuy Ha continued stress for taking care of children. The actress said she was almost insomlessed because her daughter stirring up: "From Hera's day, she didn't sleep deeply, just startled to cry. I can't sleep because I have to coax your baby, that side Cold is to hug to warm up for your baby. If you live, how many easy things Hera is completely opposite. I love you, if you give me my mother first, I will never give birth to the second child. luck It was the sky for his mother and his mother before, she was so easy, she was not afraid, mother gave 10 children. But now I withdraw the promise, after Hera is not born again ". Thuy Ha still tries to spend this regardless of day and night. Perhydress that the U50 mother is always happy because of a beautiful, lovely daughter. At the end of the program, actress King Bread thanked all loved ones who helped her during pregnancy, giving birth and taking care of their children.

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