Boil Meat With Cold Water Or New, Right-misty Mistakes

This way can eliminate dirt clinging, excess blood at the surface of the meat or fat in the bone, both reducing the smell to help add a delicious part of the delicious part.02: 00/3: 27 nam south on the market The type of pork does not guarantee food hygiene and safety, pork eating bran increases or injuries that make housewives difficult in choosing a delicious product. Before choosing how to boil meat or nong bone important More than that is to choose clean, clean bones. A piece of clean meat, no toxic whereabouts are very nutritious and safe. To reduce the risk of poisoning and removal of impurities, many sisters tend to billing meat or bones through boiled water after That continues to process

. On the market there are many types of pork, need knowledge to buy fresh, clean meat. MSc. BS
Nguyen Van Tien - National Nutrition Institute, if meat put into boiled water, high temperature causes surface proteins outside the meat closed, the internal substances are not released, similar to toxins are also retained In the piece of meat. This is absolutely not good and is the mistake that many housewives have suffered. So first you have to ignore the bumpy step before processing. You should choose a piece of pork in a reputable place, meat with fresh pink, solid meat blocks with high elasticity when pressing down, finger Even, the face cuts the flesh is dry with pink clean fresh meat, solid meat blocks have a high elasticity. Then you can apply one of the following to wash meat and bones. When buying meat first, wash with clean water many times. Then can use salt or salt water that dilute the meat and rinse with clean water. Also you can soak the meat or bone in the water of rice about 1 hour. This method is very effective to remove dirt on the rib surface, excess blood in meat and bone fat, while reducing the smell to help add a delicious part dish. Also another way is for bones or meat The bowl of water has a bit white vinegar, soaked for about 15 minutes and then washed out to wash, drain and process
Vinegar works to soften meat, remove excess blood in meat. When boiled meat or nong bone you can also put in a few onions or ginger. After preliminary process, boil the meat with boiling water or cold water ? Boiled meat with boiling water will be sweeter than flesh with cold water. Because meat holds nutrients, do not decompose due to boiling too long. However, according to a dietitian, if meat does not handle clean or quality does not guarantee quality, it will not be discharged with many dirt and substances Poison in meat, in the long run can affect health. Displacement of flesh with cold water is not delicious, but flooded water is sweet, rich because nutrients have secreted water. Can take advantage of cooking soup. Additional onions to deodorize and make Ninh Bone water or boil sweetness fresher. Take the needs and quality of the piece of meat you decide how to boil. During the cooking process, if there is a phenomenon of foam, the scoring should use a spoon to remove it. As if the meat is boiled, so is the right bone. Bone when quilted with high temperatures will dry the meat outside but the inside is still cold. Thus causing excess blood and the impurities inside the meat cannot be discharged. If the reduced blood cannot escape, it will cause the bone to have a foul smell. High temperatures will suddenly destroy the nutrition of bones, make meat tough and dry. Therefore, the use of boiling water / hot to quilting bones is ineffective. The properly helps the piece of meat holding a delicious, white pink white, right for the bone from the time when the water is cold and the water is hot and water . This will help keep the taste and nutritional structure. The redundant inside will be discharged, maintaining the fresh taste of bones. In the process of Ninh if you see foam or scum, remove it to remove the inside and sweet water. Also when you boil the meat or nong bone you can also put in a few onions or ginger will help deodorize and water ninh bone or sweet meat is more fragrant. Britain

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