Boiling Ducks Don’t Spend A Drop Of Water, Do Leisurely Soft Fragrance, Sweetness, Delicious

Boiled ducks without water without red ducks, or ripe are too fragrant again, keeping the sweet taste. The boiled boiler is called by Ms. Tran Loan called a "sauna" duck. According to Ms. Loan, with the way to boil this duck is extremely leisurely, don't worry about red ducks, or nine too

. Ripe ducks should be very sweet. The duck made this very delicious way, so Loan today introduced her sisters on the culinary forum. Ms
Loan i did not follow any formulas that rely on the experiences that she was self-casting. Data: 1 thick stainless steel pot; 1 Siam duck under 2kg; 1 bundle; 1 ginger; 1 small banana leaf sheet / or 1 leaf; 1 teaspoon of cooking oil. Lining the bottom of the bottom: - Make a clean duck, close to the lemon salt to deodorize the foul. Leaf and ginger on-the cup spread down the bottom of the pot, next to banana leaves / dong, spread Little ginger beating stamping, then giving duck into, pouring a teaspoon of cooking oil to the bottom of the pot without burning pot. During the "sauna" duck, there is a staggering steam in the lid so it won't worry about burning. Place the duck into the middle and Om about 1 hour of people who like to marine ducks are arbitrary, who likes the original sweetness of the duck Do not marinate without stuffing into the ducky stomach. The ripe is fragrant. At this moment, the smell with ginger and duck meat will be fragrant. The last kitchen can be invaded to see the duck thigh watching no red, if the red is adding 10p. Add a tight meat after ripe Cooling, new hunting duck skin is tight and enjoying
Duck dots: Shredding garlic, ginger and chili. For soy sauce to bowl. Includes vermicelli and soy sauce, it is extremely suitable for sugar and lemon juice to taste the taste. Finally add garlic ginger chili minced to stir.k.n

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