Book The Bread That Shipper Adds A Bullet Box, The Reason Behind Fever

Small stories between guy Shipper and the guest suddenly attracted the attention of the netizens.0: 00/1: 36 South in the days of implementing social distance, most people are serious in the house, Limit the road. The shopping clothes, food, family items ..

. also shifted through online form instead of the choice of choice. People's bridge. But even if it's tired, busy, sometimes just a small action of the guest, it makes them feel comforted
The story between the Shipper guy and the customer has a Facebook account posted like a bout Rain to soothe the hearts of this hard time.Theo S said, the noon he placed bread. After Shipper received the application, the guy had a message: "If you haven't eaten lunch, buy another part, I invite". But Shipper refused for the reason for eating rice. S continues to offer: "What do you drink, buy it, I pay. Thank you". Thank you the most, when Shipper comes, he buys an additional ice cream cake box for s noble and Explanation: "Well, I have a drink for you, I buy it again and give you the ice cream ..." My Cream Cake Shipper bought for NHS to thank you for the water
Finally, the good customer This still sends extra money to Shipper to thanks for the ice cream cake box, NHS said: "So the total order of 65k is always in water money, I take you 100k always because you're cute". Small cave, but both Shipper and the NHS guy makes the people who are waiting to praise: "Lovely too", "Little actions, but big meaning", "Warm heart", "Listen to these two people talking Happy "... That's right, if everyone knows to put me in each other's positions, life will gently know! Cersei (General)

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