Booming The Trend Of Buying In Advance, Paying After The Translation Of Covid-19;

The platforms providing installment payment services are increasingly popular in the US. Young people are increasingly prefered to buy first, postpaid; Especially when Pandemic Covid-19 outbreaks, the demand for online shopping increases up to 9: 00/4: 57 South American young people Easily own items from famous brands for pre-purchase service , Postpaid. This trend is booming in Covid-19. (Source: Fashionista) The previous, postpaid trend has promoted the development of Loat Start-up Company in Financial Technology (Fintech), such as Swedish Klarna Payment Company, Enterprise There is a valuation rate of up to 46 billion USD. HERE HERE, APPLICATION PACKAGE PACKAGE, postpaid afterpay of Australia has just been sold to US FINTECH SQUARE COMPANY with an impressive price of 29 billion USD

. Conveniently busy, postpaid is a new form of credit of the XXI century, customers do not need to pay immediately for the seller. Plates like Afterpay often allow customers to pay in 4 times and installment period about 6 weeks. In most cases, customers only have to provide some personal information, and service providers Payment will use algorithms and data to analyze and review spending limits based on their credit history
User account is usually associated with debit cards or bank accounts, with items Payment payment is made automatically. When users pay on this platform on these platforms, their spending limits will increase. Pre-purchase services, postpaid, but startups in this field are different from the supplies Credit card issuance and traditional banking in that they provide many options that do not charge interest rates or customer installment transactions. These payment platforms are mainly profitable from retailers' fees and some Fees when the customer pays slowly. Previous purchase method, the postpaid is more attractive than traditional credit cards mainly due to the convenience. Cash payments "seems less" many young people said they Friends introduced or seen ads on social media and began using these payment platforms since last year, when Pandemic Covid-19 outbreaks made the demand for online shopping increased . These platforms attract a large number of average income customers, allowing them to buy installments of high-priced items such as computers and welding clothes. g branch. Studies have shown that when consumers are installed, they often spend more .Sarah Newcomb, economist on consumer behavior at Morningstar Financial Services Company (US) said, working Split the amount of payment to pay makes the buyer feel the money they have to pay "seems less"
In the US, consumers focus on shopping needs more than saving and social networks play shoulder The game is relatively large in promoting spending in this country. Last, in the US, estimated consumers spent more than $ 20 billion through the use of pre-posted and post-purchase services. Spending on previous purchase platforms, postpaid is expected to reach more than $ 1,000 billion worldwide in 2025.The "big men" in a surprise when other payment service companies like the company Credit cards, banks and large technology companies, are interested in previous purchase, postpaid, because the number of transactions in this field soared in the past year. It's noticed, recently, Square has recently Acquires Australia's Afterpay online payment platform for $ 29 billion. As of June 30, Afterpay provides payment services for more than 16 million customers and cooperating with about 100,000 sellers. "Giant" Apple technology is also said to be cooperating with the payment company Canadian PayBright route to deploy installment programs when customers buy Apple products in Canada. The two big men in the field of World Payment Cards are Visa and MasterCard are promoting the development of products Purchase first, postpaid their own. Fintech Klarna of Sweden recently was valued at $ 46 billion after the latest capital mobilization reached 639 million USD with Softbank Investment Group (Japan). Can see, Attracting and searching customers, both on the side of the seller and the buyer side, of financial technology companies such as Afterpay or Klarna are about to enter a new stage. Youth startup companies will have to compete With the "giants", which has a large number of customers and spread globally. For Fin companies Tech specialized in buying, postpaid, if there is no intention of rising to a more diverse financial service provider, most of them have almost reached the growth peak. It is also the reason why two Afterpay founder is Anthony Eisen and Nick Molnar, after earning billions of profits, have chosen a safe withdrawal strategy to sell their entire "spiritual child" for Square.square by director Jack Dorsey - a commune network founder

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