Bored Of Western And Vietnamese Items, ‘noble Mother’s Mother’ Brake Lee Shows Off Rice As A Delicious Japanese

The dishes in the time of the Lady of the General Manager of trillion corporation makes everyone crowded 9: 00/2: 37 namgia domain into the showbiz milk Association for nearly 1 month, milk life Of the "noble mother" Brake Lee is increasingly interested in many people. Everyone is curious whether the Lady of the Lady General Director of trillion corporation will have something more special than not. If the last time Lee brakes show off the entire rice menu with attractive western rice, this time she again Make fans more crowded when sharing other style dishes are no less: "West We are boring and switch to Japan". Japanese items look very attractive and go to the brake. Lee includes all Japanese dishes such as soba noodles, vegetable salads, fried pork with fever, fried tofu

. The dishes are beautifully presented, looking extremely attractive, going to the Lee's brake, causing many people to feel unexpected, and admiring her because it is true that the Lady of the CEO Thousands must also be different. The meal in the stage in Lee brake causes many people to rub. Besides, Lee brakes also receive compliments for salty beauty and are not much different from the time Free
Only a month nearly a month but a mother's mother has confidently showing off her sexy suit. "The nobles mother's mother" also shared more only to take a look for a few minutes. Self a little. Many fans are also curious to wish to brake Lee to share Pictures of Sochu but she said this is not the right time. The sharp mom's mother got a lot of compliments from friends and fans. Only during the pregnancy period after giving birth, the nutrition still plays an extremely important role for the health of women and the baby. Postpartum diets for women need to fully ensure the necessary nutrients Some studies have shown that the maternal's nutritional status after childbirth affects the number and composition of breast milk . Specifically, if the mother's diet after a child has a lack of vitamins, especially vitamins A, D and B1, breast milk will also lack these vitamins. Besides, in the first 6 months of life, the amount of child antibodies provided directly through breast milk. Therefore, ensuring that the supply of energy and nutrients needed for the mothers after birth will help prevent the best illness for the baby
To ensure the maternal diet of postpartum, need to be provided Enough and balance nutritional components. Should combine diverse foods to improve dietary quality. Besides, foods used in diets should choose seasonal foods rather than just eating afterbirth. Specifically, additional foods should be supplemented: - Eat fresh fruits and green vegetables (eat vegetables after birth ...) to ensure the amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals. - Eat normal sugar powder In rice, vermicelli, bread, sweet potatoes, potatoes ...- Load protein from lean meat, chicken, eggs and beans.- Load calcium from milk, butter, sardines, tofu ... to Support to develop bones and teeth for children.

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