Born For 10 Days, I Immediately Picked Up My Baby Because My Mother-in-law Also Fed Vegetables

Looking at the rice bucket that the mother-in-law prepares to give me, I am teary when you eat the rice to eat.0: 00/3: 32 namsau wedding, the two couple I continue to go to the city. Because we previously worked on Hanoi and used to urban life. Live life only 2 people, although still to worry about rice rice coins but are freedom. My wife I like to eat, eat, like to do anything, no one ends

. Having worked day, two led each other to the pub. He 1 cup of beer, I 1 cup of beer. Along the cup of cups like friends
The spouse life is also so fun, so much happier. Later for 3 months, I pregnant. Fortunately I was not sick at all, still eating normally. I even eat better than before. My commune is interested, often buys delicious things about the wife to replenish. The pregnancy process, I just don't mind my mother's mother. When she did not know the gender of the baby, she was hard to call or send food up for her daughter-in-law. But when I knew I pregnant my daughter, she changed 180 degrees. The last months, I didn't get any phone. Seeing her husband to hurt his wife, my mother-in-law also called him, told me to eat less, eat a lot of money
Fortunately, she was unlike her mother, he liked his daughter. Husband encouraged me: "Every child is children, giving his daughter likes. The wife does not have to think much". At the date of birth, I plan to be hospitalized on Hanoi. By the first child, every mother's psychology is even more worried. But her mother-in-law does not agree. She said that the house was busy with hundreds of things with the old (my mother-in-law was 48 years old) not to Hanoi, but it was careful. My mother and her husband forced me to go home. Finally, there was no other choice, I made a dilemma at the hospital near my husband's house. I gave birth to my son, my husband did not come home because she had to go to work, there was every mother in her husband to the hospital with my daughter-in-law. But it was very annoyed, while I was writhing on the operating table, she went ... trafficking. Only when the doctor calls the big family to accept him, the new mother-in-law is rushed to run back, crushed and welcomed him. Both Ekip surgery for me that day shook her head, it was only one motherless mother with my carefree husband! (Artwork), so I can't go back to normal. But my mother-in-law let me stay in the hospital and she went to work. In the evening, I have to ask another surf to buy my porridge. Fortunately, my husband later. He went to the hospital to take care of me. But let her mother take care of my daughter-in-law, I'm sure my child starts! But my husband doesn't ask for a lot of days. Being with a wife and children 1 week, he had to go to Hanoi to go to work. Stay only my mother. Next days, I live in the scene of chan tears! Mother's mother shows me every day to eat vegetable rice, boiled salt. She said it was an old food or eating when I was born my husband. Then the mother-in-law was sported with a great sport about the use of vegetables. Which is going to quickly remove the production of the body, treat vegetables, increase breast milk, treat constipation ... I don't argue with her about the use of that vegetable for her. But the day after eating every vegetable boiled salt, I do nothing to raise my children. To the third day after discharge, I lost my milk completely. Hastily asked her mother to change the meal to milk, but she was casual: "owed, what to do? Eat and then give birth to" ducks "only to eat. In the city, you eat to go to fat Already and now there is no milk to raise children ... ". After saying that, her mother-in-law also threw the pelvis out in the middle of my husband and wife's bedroom. She made me washed separately. Because her mother-in-law conceived: Using the shared with her to be lost! At this point, I will be all over her husband. It is known that she only likes a grandson but I don't expect my mother's mother to be cold and heartless with me! I cried while cleaning clothes, then called my car to go to my mother!

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