Borrowing Money Is Still Stealing, Rushing To Return When Listening To A Horrified Story

Remember, no one is not needed, nor anyone excess money to help you, to get coins, they also sweating tears, they help you because I want you to overcome difficulties, but Because they are stupid.0: 00/2: 51 NAM NORTH AVOOR AREA has a rich man. At my free times, he often studied Buddhism. He also believes in the law - fruits. Being a kind person, loving people, he often came to help unfortunate people fall into difficult circumstances without a declaration

. Many people see such, often invite each other to come to this man's house to borrow money . He never rejected anyone, nor interests in interest, but only told the person who asked borrowers 1 sentence: "Will it return to this money, this life or the next life?" Will return the money right in this life, even specific time clearly. However, there are some fish people who have taken advantage of this opportunity, replies that they will return money to the next life, then take the money away and think, "This old man is stupid, he thought it would be getting back My money in the next life? "One day, there was a thief to find this man house asked money
In fact, his main purpose is not to borrow money, but just want to play the streets to the country, where to make money for his next stealing. As usual, the family holds a book, Then ask the thief ever to return the money, this life or next life. The thief doesn't need to think, hastily said it was always the next life. The family saw the pen holding the pen with a separate column. That day, after I knew every corner of the wealthy man house, the thief decided to return to the intention to have a whole batch The amount of money in the house has not yet to go to sleep, so the thief sneaks down the stalls, waiting until late at night to let everyone go to sleep will easier to do it. Speak up. He looked around, obviously without anyone there, only 2 buffalo. This causes him to be lost, thinking that she has mastered crazy? Why heard buffaloes talk. "Today you're here?" One of the two buffaloes asked the other. "That's right, I'm here today
Then you, you come from When? ", the buffalo answered and asked again." I came here for 3 years. I used to come to his house to borrow money, and when asked when it was always paid, this life or next life, I was Answer that the next life, I won't have to pay. So, I suddenly sick and died. This life, I was turned into a buffalo and was working hard to pay for debt He here. I will have to work until I have to pay the debt, "the first buffalo recounts the tail of everything. Colors. He understood, turned out in the following lives. He thought about the money he had paid the day before his family, his eyes dull. That night, he didn't steal anymore, but silently left. The next morning, the family was surprised to see the thief returned, paying all the money borrowed the day before. He gently tiles the name of the thief out of the list. Theat An / Petrotimes

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