Botswana Blames Foreigners Carrying Omicron Strains Into The Country

President Botswana Mokgweeti Masisi said among the first people infected with Omicron strains in this country, some cases are diplomats from Europe. Medical Minister Edwin Dikoloti affirmed that most 19 cases are infected The Omicron strain was discovered in Botswana as an entry. President MOKGWEETSI MASISI added 4 foreign diplomats with a positive test with Covid-19 on November 11 in Botswana, then confirmed to be infected with strains Omicron on November 24. "Some come from Europe, the rest are elsewhere," he said, but did not provide more details, New York Times reported on December 3, so far, Botswana does not reveal nationality of 4 diplomats because they don't want to "bad" other countries. The president stressed that scientists could not be sure of the origin of the transformation

. The above diplomats were said to have returned to the country. Mokgweeti President Masisi said some European diplomats have brought strains Omicron enters the country. Photo: WEF
Tuan before, after Botswana and South Africa became the first countries with Omicron transformations, many Western countries, including the US, closing borders with tourists from southern Africa . There is a place where Omicron is "Botswana transformation" before the World Health Organization (WHO) named on November 26. Công Masisi describes the ban on entry "irresponsible" when those countries It also went through a greater outbreak than Botswana many times. With more cases of Omicron infection in more than 40 countries and territories, Western countries cannot be sure how many cases are "right at the field My house, "President said.thay into it, he stressed rich countries should focus on ensuring the distribution of Covid-19 vaccine in a fairer, especially in Africa - where the injection rate Lowest strains in the world. Linh Linh

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