Boy ‘craving’ You, How To Tail With 2km From 2km To Become Runner?

The radiant face of Nguyen Nhat Anh when talking about hobbies jogging left thousands of members on a forum admire the energy and spirit of positive living cau.0: 00/5: domain 30Nu NamNguyen Nhat Anh (party left) favorite jogging despite the difficulties of campaigning. Photo: Do Quang HungCan jaundice at birth causes the motor neurons affected by Nhat Anh. He had difficulty speaking and moving. Currently, 19 years old, I still have to eat Japanese with a spoon and bowl

. His voice not everyone understands duoc.The but, overcome the difficulties and disadvantages of self, Japan is a guy I always joyful, optimistic, love sports and like to communicate with people. every day, he ran the 10km in Peace Park (North Tu Liem, Hanoi)
Private day 7, Nhat Anh along with brothers and sisters in the club run more 20km.Co charming guy makes 19 to hobby jogging after once you invite to go running, but you should not keep him very "bitter". Since then, Japan and the UK to practice this sport favorite time is. Currently, he has gained speed not "mediocre" - 10km / h.Nhieu people when looking at the possibilities of communication and movement of Nhat Anh undoubted that, in addition to jogging, he was loved and played many other disciplines such as Chinese chess, chess, skating ... and extreme passion play game.Bat accept the difficulties due to illness, Japan the UK is now the first year student of electronic Commerce, College of Technology Ha Noi.Nghi Japanese forces AnhNhat you like and play many sports
Photo: NVCCKe about her son, she H. (47) revealed the story very cute and Japanese energy Anh.Suot 7 child's first year, she and her husband were driving me around the hospital big small. Transfusion, stem cell transplants, acupuncture ... is the Japanese therapy that England had to go through. She still remembers the afternoon she set about carrying their children. At that time, Japan was only 3-4 years old English, loves to drink milk, corn. Each time, 2 mother drove past the Corn milk is again signaled his mother stopped. "Sometimes it cries too, people see the injured. Although not to the extent I also do not buy for me but people felt sorry for always, do not take money ".Roi have 2nd child away from the mother's doctor in a downpour. Car out of gas that mother had no money in his pocket. She had to push the car back to the doctor for a mortgage gasoline. Mother and son pushing carts clatter to a gas station, people called counterfeiting. She had to send the car back home doctor present. Kindhearted doctor poked her hand 500 thousand sheets and say, "Well, this impressive 500 sheets, other 100 sheets does not hold anymore. This money wage uncle just got done, can not fake banknotes were "driving the car 2km .Lan that her life will not forget, because the heart of the doctor, because the image of Japanese He thirsts thirsty grip zone mother makes her tail off no mercy xa.Nhat He always cheerful, optimistic since childhood. Photo: NVCCDo is the years of economic difficulties families, 2 she and her husband struggled to make money worry healing firstborn son. But despite the family finances with how - whether old or difficult is getting better now, brothers and sisters also always take what's best for her son lost thoi.Nhat England as he struggled to understand the parents, always showed courage and patience to practice, with visits to the hospital tri.Di child's disabilities are not few times that two mother endured the warm memories, disadvantaged. She remembers once to pick up a child in kindergarten, then discovered the trapped in the warehouse. She also apologized to her. Love you but because you know your child makes her disruptive trouble so she also sadly missed, not to do another large chuyen.Lan, Nhat Anh self biking to school a few hundred meters from the house. Unfortunately, he went down causing the vehicle deflection record-east. Nhat Anh quick wheel electric poles rested on roadside to record-east retorted. But neighbors to assess she did not care about children, the sick but to me a bike to school, to the extent of crashing into electric poles. "Sometimes I just want to go home to go somewhere, where people live open and less judgmental, more discrimination "- her little heart su.Cau 'crave' banNhat English (far left) and other members of the club run HBPR. Photo: Do Quang HungCung due to illness that Japan has very little English friend. Therefore, since childhood, he had longed to have friends to play together, learn together. "No one should play the small day he tears or stand the sound to see people playing chess. See excitedly watching too, people also play rounds, then I love it. After the show I like, I also send children to school in the club of chess ". Now both chess, Chinese chess, Japan will play England in 5-6 tot.Cung age, he or mother brought to the park. There, an elderly woman lovely English that Japan should make an appointment to walk him regularly. "Relationship" special boy with elderly Japanese He lasted a long time. Then suddenly one day, do not see any more specific park. "Perhaps, the old man was sick" - Ms. H. said. The disappearance of the Japanese makes Britain great friend so down and disappointed. He was released and arrested angry

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