Boys Planting Roses, Raising Fish In The Garden 2,000 M2

With the Floor Ham Phu (Living in Trang Bom, Dong Nai), Binh Yen is every morning to the garden, getting into a space full of grass flowers and fruit trees by ourselves. Age 25, Phu has a land of 2,000 m2 on the hill with 1,000 infrared and ancient roots, and many fruit trees such as jackfruit, grapefruit, coconut, tangerine, orange, apple, rambutan. On it, he built a small house, made a fish aquarium. This rest is achieved after many years of stretching and efforts. The ephemeral is equal to planting roses for more than 4 years

. I don't give up with Zing , Phu said in the 9th grade, because of the difficult family situation, he had to leave school, go to work like coffee, peeling, delivery of leased goods. Growing orchids, the guy learning the experience, starting to earn money by planting this flower for sale. From the Pink Mon Coeur originated in Japan given by relatives, he planted and saw beautiful and fragrant flowers after a few months
There are a commission of roses for sale, the money is all over the purchase . However, due to the climate at the hot dry bomb, unfavorable for planting flowers, plus unknown to choose the appropriate variety, he met the failure, hole over 20 million dong. Do not give up, wife Flowers, find reading books to learn the know-how. At that time, he was around the garden almost all day, running out of water, pruning to monitor pests for each flower. Then hire a gardener but they all left because of hard work, hurrican Squirrel thousands of flowers and many types of trees. The son is hard, her mother advises you to leave the garden, go to work under the city. However, the boy was determined to remake from the beginning. After months of persistence, she fell like to look at the pink pests, leaving dark cotton, many wings as desirable. He began to breed and posted it to the network. It was increasing and increasing customers to help with capital to rotate, plan more flowers in the garden
The period of infrared sauce, the day he also turned on consulting, single-latch, closing goods sent to the guests. Thanks to good, after a year, enough money to buy hill land 2,000 m2 opposite the gardens and transfer the entire tree to that. There is a private garden, an exciting guy, dividing the florist area, where additional renovation to grow fruit trees. He also digged his fish and dropped the lotus. "I also erected the house in the garden to care for trees. The feeling of self-creating the things I wanted to be very happy, "Phu said. The life of the pandemic of Covid-19 outbreaks, the business of phu stagnant, a few months almost no income. However, he considered it difficult and accepted the situation. The translation of the translation was more stable, he returned the goods to the guests, with copper. Because the volume of work in the garden is quite large, only alone, he decided to decrease from 2,000 pink roots to 1,000 for convenience of care, and also plan some fruit trees in the direction of organic. Every day, he came out to the garden, watching flowers, cuttings, taking young shoots to about 9 hours in the breakfast house. Later, he enlisted his house cleaning, preparing goods for customers.Hoa Hong was always available in the garden, the boy picked about drying tea to occasionally sit and relax, enjoy. And a variety of fruit trees, raising fish in the garden. While many peers tend to work and mix into modern life, Phu still stick with the garden piece, daily lem hands. "I like the current life because of comfort, not much thinking. Every time I go to the street, I feel stuffy and remember the green space, four are trees at home. I am living the most beautiful days of life, "he explained. When not busy with the garden work, he often went to the groups of" leaving the street on the forest "sharing pictures and stories with the desire Inspire many young children to love nature and grow more trees. Multi-mail: NVCC

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