Brand The Sunny Day About: Baby’s Mother’s Mother (van Trang) Is About To Come Back To The Shocking Trunk

The idea of the baby's mother (ie Van Trang) is still long again in the 'sunny day' but in the upcoming episodes, this character will appear with the stunning audience instance. 1: 46 The southern subdomains on the episodes of the sunny day, after the bird abandoned the flower in Russia's vermicelli restaurant, she also triggered unusedly without contacting her daughter. Baby flower grows, becomes grown and has a smooth life, full of mother and two sisters Van Khanh, Van Van. However, deep in the heart of Van Trang still remembers the mother with pain When abandoned in the market. Evidence is when mentioning the mother's silver bought for me before leaving, Van Trang affirmed that she wore it because she hated it

. The page is always painful because he is abandoned by his mother in the episode in the sunny day, the room staff Makerting revealed Hoang Kim's company was about to have new directors, it was a woman from abroad. When listening to this information, Van Trang seems to think a lot. But she certainly unable to expect this is his mother's mother
Van Trang's intestines are about to come back with a special body for more than 20 years after leaving, poor Yen's young girl has become ladies Kim Nhung Thanh Dat Talented, holding a high position in Hoang Kim Company. The delegation filmed a sunny day and a sunny day also revealed a scene of Ms. Kim Nhung to meet Mrs. Nga, perhaps to talk about the old flower in the old days. Binh Nhung and Mrs. Russia met. Russia does not easily reveal so easy truth. In a quote of the sunny day, the details of the sun will also need to meet Ms. Kim Nhung, return it to the silver ring, painfully repeating the promises of the past, that she will never leave the daughter stay . Later, Van Trang announced that she would quit her job at Hoang Kim Company as if to cut off all contact with her mother and Ms
Kim Nhung was surprised to realize Van Trang was Hoa. The page will suffer When knowing the truth about Ms. Kim Nhung and Hoang Duy? It can be seen that the upcoming days of Van Trang will be extremely miserable if she knows that his mother has returned, and has just discovered "coffee boy" Duy Also related to his bowel mother from many years ago. Tai Nam - Photo synthesis from many sources

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