Brand The Sunny Day About: The Display Of The Gay Shirt Of The Page – Duy Is About To Be Discovered By The Company?

Watching the love of Van Trang's sister and Hoang Duy has not yet been able to catch the rumors and be misunderstood by the whole company. All just because of a vague conversation of the page - Duy in episode 10 'Trading the sunny day'. So after the original aversion, the hard-boss fingerland seemed to have opened more with the new employee Hoang Duy. Evidence was when meeting the loss of elevator with a cup of coffee on the hand, Van Trang reminded the man carefully poured coffee on others like the last time. Replace the coat reluctant between the two

. Duy was still interested in the sister who was full of losy when he looked at Van Trang without blinking, discovering last night she insomnia. Only the story of a conventional chat was as a vague between the two who had been made by Vietnamese guys. But who loves to release Vietnamese news, everyone knows, the day but also Hoang Kim's company stirs with "stripped" Hoang Duy is not far away
Since Vietnam has heard a full-end, the Plan to work together by Ut Vân Vân is suddenly favorable when the staff runs at Dong Phong's coffee shop. While so on and so on the front of the opportunity suddenly appeared, Dong Phong was full in front of her post-beans. Vân Vân is about to become a staff of Dong Phong? And she also Van Khanh is still not suffering His husband plays. Germany "curly" has just called his wife to buy 7 million to buy a gift for the boss to be startled. In addition, Ms. Nga's daughter turned out to have a very good husband. Mr. Hung did not bother to ask Ms. Hien to stop catching Van Khanh to serve him, from now on do not call her to cook cleaning. Tired when Ms
Hien bullying her daughter-in-law behind her headaches Mother of her husband, Van Khanh still have a little comforting that the parents are susceptible to understand.

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