Brand The Sunny Day About: Unexpectedly With The True Part Of The ‘coffee Pouring “duy (dinh Tu)

See 'Sunny and sunny days', the audience doubt (Dinh Tu) is just a new employee into Hoang Kim and accidentally dropping coffee to the hard-to-face boss (Huyen Lizzie), but turns out Not as simple as the 200:00 / 1: 32 Namkhi Duy Duy and must be fingerprised in the Hall of Hoang Kim, was caught by wearing a shirts for themselves, everyone knows sooner or later. This also meets again and creates a romance of the office. But the reality is not merely the young man to study abroad, please do it at Hoang Kim and become a staff of Van Trang. Many audiences were dimly guessing that the boy pouring coffee was the boy that the old year of Yen, Van Trang's biological mother was rented care in the hospital. Also from here a rich boy sat on a wheelchair paying attention to Yen

. Later, Yen had to leave the daughter to go to a far away place, look after this guy following the coercion of a rich giant. The page of the page had left her for the coercion of a giant Hidden through the conversation between Duy and Dong Phong cousin in episode 6 trading on sunny days, everyone guessed to have a special relationship with Hoang Kim Company. So Dong Phong was surprised when he heard the news as an office employee here, and only did he want to let his father know this
Now become a lady Kim Nhung and perhaps holding a high position in Hoang Kim Company. Because of the excerpts of the sunny day, there are bases that have just returned the old silver for Ms. Kim Nhung, announce that she will leave the Hoang Kim company to no longer have anything to do with her. Has recognized the gut mother returned and decided to leave Hoang Kim's company to Duy and Van Trang with a troublesome relationship with this and the fact that it would make the affection between a couple .Polutions - Photo synthesis from multiple sources

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