Brand The Sunny Day About: Van Khanh Dare To ‘the Area’ When Native Moms Are Called Maids?

From a big baby, Van Khanh has not lost anyone. Then in episode 9 of 'Sunny and sunny days', Ms. Nga's daughter seemed to only swallow the Department of Instantments in front of the mother-in-law, 00/1: 28 South stuff Say "thick tangerine with sharp nails" and watch out the mother's mother is Van Khanh's etching. From small to large, Mrs. Nga's first daughter was sharp, kicked, bullying from her mother to her sister, volly on her husband and scolded her

. Then when talking to her mother-in-law, Van Khanh only knew Yes Yes Yes Well did not turn on a question. Van Khanh was serving her mother's party with her husband KHHI called daughter-in-law to cook for the party Chairman of the Ward and Van Khanh Association, despite being a warmth to hear. While cooking, she was angry with purple when she discovered her mother-in-law to consider Russia as a maid for hours, and showed off this with friends
There is no one who loves his mother's mother who is underestimated like this, and a person like Van Khanh will dare to turn on or continue to swallow his lump in as before? She discovered her mother-in-law to see her mother Waiting when that, the lack of Gia Duy was becoming more and more and more and she was clear. Determined to be a makerting room staff, it was also very cleverly asked for information about Van Trang. When she knew she had not been dated 30 years old, he hadn't dated it every time, he was interested in his face while Van Trang still only watched Hoang Duy as a buffalo young guy who liked to show it. The boss has not loved Aico I soon Van Van seemed to have thought of a repayment plan for Dong Phong coffee shop owner by applying for more at the shop. But thinking of Van Van is having a big obstacle from Mother, when Russia doesn't want daughter to be struggled outside.Hai Phong - Photo synthesis from many sources

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