Brazil Will Bid 5g Network In November 2021

Brazil's National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) of Brazil has set the time of spectrum auction for 5G network on November 4. The Brazilian government on September 24 announces the national telecommunications agency (Anatel) of the country This has a spectrum auction for 5G network on November 4, with an expectation to mobilize at least 10 billion real (about 1.87 billion USD) based on the minimum permitting bid. Already specified a spectrum auction for 5G networks. Photo: The Brazilian ReporTT in the upcoming bidding, Anatel will deploy the auction of 700 MHz bands, 2

.3 GHz, 3.5 GHz, and 26 GHz. According to the Brazilian government estimates, the bid-winning businesses will invest in about 40 billion Real (nearly 7
5 billion USD) into the 5G infrastructure in this country. While, President Anatel Leornardo Euler de Morais pressed Strong 5g auction here will be the largest spectrum bidding ever conducted by Anatel so far. Euler de Morais said the rules for this bidding will be announced on September 27 At the same time, antel priced the pricing bands were auctioned at about 45.6 billion Real (nearly 8.6 billion USD). First, Brazilian Communications Fabio Faria declares people in the city of stars Paulo, the largest city of South America, will be using 5G network later this year. Meanwhile, the 5G network will be covered at the capital of all states in Brazil in July 2022./. Ngoc Tung (P / v VNA in Buenos Aires)

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