Brazilian Man ‘bad Marriage’ Real Version

The 44-year-old Brazilian man owns a tattoo chit and piercing the monstrous shape on the body in the hope of having unique horror appearance installation in the south: 00/1: 54Nam in a young man Normally, Michel Faro do Prado has continuously edited his body to have unique appearance to Prado Faro as the name Diabao Praddo on social networks with passion for editing. 44-year-old man Anyone who saw was surprised. Recently, Diabao Praddo has just cut off his ring-like finger to satisfy his body editing. Very few people call him 'Satan Devil' because of a terrible appearance. On the Personal Instagram page with more than 59,000 followers He regularly shares images every time a tattoo or new editing

. The man from São Paulo, Brazil said: "I really have very high pain I used to think this would not be in pain. But the post-surgery process was much more painful. There are changes that if no anesthesia is almost impossible
I really don't want to suffer Pain. But if I have to feel pain to achieve what I want then I will definitely face it. "However, Diabao Praddo insisted that he was willing to endure all the pain to get body I wanted, even if she had to tattoo a lot or surgery changed with risky. Of course the cost of implementing each change was not cheap. In addition to the addition of a little silver on the face for sparkles to spend it over 1,000 USD. Diabao Praddo's terrible appearance is marked with four horns on both sides of the head, transplanted under the skin and many tattoos to cover them. The Diabao Praddo was split two, cutting his ears and was the third person in the world shaving off the nose.Michel Faro do Prado tattooed because he wanted to seem to break the molds. This helps him have the opportunity to show his true people. His, Carol, is also a person who specializes in editing his body, which has helped him change his appearance over the past 25 years
Although the body has a lot of tattoos, almost covering the entire body surface area, Diabao Praddo still wants to edit the new content again to become more special. Michel Faro do Prado said: " My wife specializes in the field of revision and my idea is to turn yourself into her masterpiece when it comes to tattoo ".

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