Brazilian Press Unexpectedly With Vietnam’s Goal Into Brazilian Mesh In Futsal World Cup

The goal of Huhong Dinh Hung into Brazilian mesh is the bright spot in the Futsal Futsal World Cup Futsal World Cup 2021. The Table D Futsal World Cup 2021. The Vietnamese team recruited 1-9 defeat before Brazil in the battle to launch the D World Cup Futsal 2021 in Lithuania. This is the previously predicted result because Brazil is the top candidate for the championship, currently ranking 2nd worlds and every 5 times of Futsal World Cup championship. During the match, Coach Pham Minh Giang is still proud of the screen Demonstration and spirit of resilience of students

. Before the opponent was too strong, Futsal Vietnam still had an honorary goal for Fixo's public (Defense player). The 12th minute 12th minutes, after a beautiful combination. Brazilian Spend a lot of praise for this table of Futsal Vietnam
The Globo commented: "It was a situation that takes place in two touches, from a fixed stone to the end of Dinh Hung very fast." Even, the home page of the Brazilian Football Federation also said that item The home team made a mistake at this goal when he stressed: "14 minutes, Dinh Hung easily finds gaps to quickly score the gap to reduce the difference to 1-3 for the Vietnam Futsal team". The match, the owner of the goal against the Brazilian Brazil, revealed, this free kick was practiced by Coach Pham Minh Giang for the whole team. "The members worked with the intentions of the people who showed it and I was the end of a table," said Dinh Hung. high level. It is very difficult, even unable to include players because they are big high, can force but also very technical. In the next two matches in Table D, Vietnam team will meet Panama (22h00 on 16 / 9) and Czech Republic (20:00 on September 19).

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