Breakthrough In Clean Energy Production From Fusion Reactions

On August 17, American nuclear scientists said it used the scale laser equivalent to an area of 3 football fields and creates a large amount of energy from the fusion reaction. This result can bring HY Hope to develop a new clean energy source in the future. The expert team has conducted experiments at a California facility in August. Accordingly, they focused on nearing nearly 200 lasers into a small point to create an energy explosion 8 times larger than the previously created explosions. Although this energy source exists only in one Extremely short time - 100 per thousand seconds, but the test results have taken scientists to get closer to the ignition point of fusion reaction - the moment energy is generated more than energy used in counter Application

. The nuclear synthesis or fusion reaction is the process of two orthoped nuclear nucleus together to create a new new nucleus. Along with this process is the release of energy or energy absorption depending on the mass of the kernel. In the experiment, scientists have incorporated 2 hydrogen isotopes to create helium gases
This process happens similarly in stars, including the sun. Some scientists consider fusion reactions as potential energy sources in the future because the process of generating low-waste energy and does not create Greenhouse gas emissions. Kim Budil, Director of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Base management unit conducting the above experiment - along with a number of other experts to evaluate experimental results " As a historical step in the study of fusion reactions ". However, co-director of this field research center at Imperial College London, Mr. Jeremy Chittenden said that to turn the fusion energy source on energy Recreating can be used in the future is not easy, requiring long-term processes and must overcome many technical issues. Nguyen Hang / TTXVN

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