Breathtaking Scene Killer Whales Hit The Dolphin To The Air

The giant assassin whale used his best to knock on the little dolphin into creating an extremely spectacular idea.0: 00/0: 59 male-video: killer whales knocked on fish Pigs up in the air. Source: Roaring Earth./ It is known that this scene is accidentally recorded by Mr. Miguel Cuevas while boating whales off the coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico

. In this video, it can be seen that the dolphin has been killed by the killer whales to the air a few meters. This strength has made the dolphin with a heavy injury and then become a delicious meal for the children Assassin whales. The killer elephant knocked the dolphin to the air to kill the prey
In the wild nature, killer whales are known as one of the most frightening hunting animals throughout these Ocean. With a big body, the high speed swimming speed is always hunting in herds, this animal is enough to kill many big prey such as seals, sea elephants, dolphins, even whales Thanh.Don't be attentively, whether in their name from "whale", but actually they are not whales, which belong to dolphins. The Bao (according to Roaring Earth)

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