Breeze ‘hills’ Flaming Fire, Hotgirl Revealed Exercises Casting Buccows

Possessing Thanh Tu face, many quintal lines are aware of Dong, Nana surprised the berry body, extremely sexy line.NickName Weibo Xianna is not unfamiliar to Chinese youth. Not only known for the nickname "Understanding Bronze", Nana also obtains it because the "Flaming" body is completely contrary to the elegant face, full of air letters. It is known that Nana is 1m68 tall, Born in 1998 in Hunan. She besuted with a bodybuilding 3 years ago

. Thanks to the persistence of suffering, dare to dare to do it, Nana not only has a seductive body "thousands of people" but also became a professional trainer to be followed by many people, looking at the appearance " Birth, Body Parents "Nana's hard one can ignore. The face of the mistake of the mistress made the opposite person just want to handle the body to protect the body completely contrary to the solid, hot body. To have a self-balanced body with sexy curves to the enchantment, Nana once poured Not little sweat at the gym
Multiply 9x shared, she didn't have to type "beautiful from the eggs". 3 years ago, Nana is like other big girls with the bare stem to lack vitality. To enhance health, the top time only practiced gentle songs like walking, fast walk or yoga. She did not come to the Gym's room because he was afraid of strengthening training, causing the body to become muscular, losing her feminine looks. Long time, Nana's body reduces fat but almost no curve. Finally, the young girl betting with herself, walking out of yourself's safety zone to professional training in Gym.Nana's room was determined to start over, exercise with posts. She often cultivates bodybuilding and nutrition on books. At the time of free time, she will refer to the coach's experience. The standard in every movement helps Nana early reap the practice of practice
Only a short time, the girl noticed his sagger skin at least. Instead, the body is increasingly solid, forming soft curves. Not only interested in finishing techniques, Nana also focuses on the amount of nutrition loaded every day. The beauty does not give a meal that spends time processing balanced, protein-rich meals to create muscles. Need to become a part of Nana's life. She likes the feeling of hot body, sweating after the practice, feels uncomfortable if a day is not dedicated. After 3 years of training science and paper, Nana has a very hot body. She was confident to participate in the national bodybuilding contest even though not specialized, excellently ranked the 6th place. Successful Nana received the coach certificate. She always strives to inspire those who are not satisfied with the body. Especially, despite having a standard body, Nana is still durable for durable training to combine the aerobic post to avoid greacing, Increasing muscles, maintaining the perfect body rate. The readers watching videos: beautiful and lovely like this 4 hot girls are not crowded with new fans. Source: Yannews Tam (according to SH)

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