Bridgestone Vietnam Introduces New Brand Messages ‘solutions For Your Journey’

'Solutions for Your Journey' also shows Bridgestone's long-term vision to 2050 in the commitment to bring values to customers and for the Social 9: 00/1: 45 South Brand Messages with a new brand Change in the brand identity kit is part of Bridgestone's constant transition during the step into a new era of development with diverse, quality tires, and moving support solutions Advanced and comprehensive. "Solutions for Your Journey" also shows Bridgestone's long-term vision to 2050 in a commitment to values for customers and for society as a business that is and will provide prizes France is sustainable, contributing to the advancement of society with careful, confident and creative steps. Bridgestone introduces new brand messages: "Solutions for Your Journey" in Vietnam, Bridgestone offers a lot of products Quality tire products, which can be mentioned with tourist tires such as Turanza, Alenza, Dueler, EC Opia and Potenza, truck tires and buses like M840, R150, R118, besides some tires for industrial vehicles, sports motorcycles and special tires used in ports, mines. With advanced technology and continuously improved, Bridgestone is committed to providing a variety of tire products and services with outstanding quality, meeting all needs of distributors and consumers. Sadaharu Kato , Executive Director of Bridgestone Vietnam Tire Business Co

., Ltd. Sharing: "Introducing Bridgestone's new brand message" Solutions for Your Journey "signaled our constant transition in the world and for See long-term vision of Bridgestone when aimed at a business providing sustainable solutions. In addition, this is also the way we show our solid commitment to providing values for society and value to customers in the markets that Bridgestone are operating, including Vietnam
" By Son Pham, Tuesday at 12:30

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