Bright, Pink And Clean Skin Only Asks A Glass Of ‘miraculous’ Juice Every Day!

This juice has helped the skin more beautiful to help the body increase resistance, contribute to the prevention of cancer.0: 00/2: 28 NETONE CONTACT OF TEMAGE SHOULD EXCELLENT AND PEOPLE SHOULD TEMPERATURE Add the body of vitamins and minerals to regain balance and help body tolerate. Tomato juice is a glass of miraculous water that can improve skin health. Tomato juice contains beta-carotene and lycopene components, helping to protect collagen in the skin. Drinking tomato juice regularly will help black skin become white, radiant

. Lycopene is in tomatoes that help provide skin moisture, help skin smooth, firm and protect the skin from the sun. Beta-carotene has in coffee capable of tightening pores. Tomatoes have a lot of antioxidants that slow down the aging process and lighten the skin
Skin beauty and tomatoes also have the effect of reducing inflammation, preventing chickens and increasing vision for eyes, preventing cancer The colon, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, helps control blood sugar, prevent osteoporosis and reduce stress. Tomato rich in vitamin K helps smooth, healthy, soft hair. Tomato juice is good? To preserve most of the nutrients of tomatoes, we should choose fresh or ripe tomatoes. Can you drink tomato juice before eating or after eating. How many days of tomato juice is effective? Drinking tomato juice continuously for 3-4 weeks you will see the stretch, pink skin And smooth, pores also shrink. If you stop drinking tomatoes in 1-2 weeks, the skin will not be as beautiful as before. Tomato juice is safe? Many people think that the more and drinking lots of skin tomatoes will be white. In fact, drinking too many tomato juices can also harm the body. You may have more orange bleeding more often, urinate several times, opaque urine or tip-like, tired, difficulty breathing and can hair loss. These symptoms are caused by the body to load too much vitamin C and sodium
Sour is rich in potassium. Therefore, ordinary people should only drink no more than 2 glasses of tomato juice every day. How to make tomato juice Luminescent do not like to eat tomatoes you can drink tomato juice. First, you dip tomatoes into hot water about 20-30 seconds and peeled tomatoes. Then mix tomatoes with stones or yogurt or phase with orange juice, lemon juice, other fruit juices, or a little honey to create sweetness easier to drink than tomato juice can you Quat. Make tomatoes with lemon juice or many fruits you like. You can also mix with sprite for easier to drink, gradually increase tomato water by little. If you are used to, you can drink pure tomato juice. Learn Huyen - Follow Kapook

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