Bringing Bamboo And Rattan Products ‘made In Ha Tinh’ Reach The World Range

From Cua Dong, Anh Nguyen Xuan Son (SN 1981), residing in Huong Son village, Cam Son commune (Cam Xuyen, Ha Tinh) has risen to become 'boss' of the bamboo and rattan production establishment, and and Being striving to bring products to the world.Video: Production activities of Bamboo Rattan Bamboo Facility Dan Xuan Son to the "boss" bamboo and bamboo rattan as many young people in the village, in 1998, when they are finished 3, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Son decided to go north to earn jobs to help her family. After years of brushing in the land of the land, in 2008, he was charming with a copper trafficking in Phu Ly City (Ha Nam). The business is convenient, Mr

. Son opened its own purchased store. From this profession helped him have a stable source of income, having a condition of helping family in the countryside. Hanh Nguyen Xuan Son supports rattan spinning workers
The trust of trading of copper crabs will stick for a long time with him, By the beginning of 2019, he was a friend in Ngoc Dong Bamboo Rattan village (Duy Tien, Ha Nam) "tips" to get rich from the production of rattan bamboo and rattan. After many times, Learn, Mr. Son decided to attend vocational training. The process of access to rattan products such as chairs, tables, baskets ... he painted as "sucked" according to each product. Rattan products are stroked before making tables and chairs. : "Through finding out, notice hotels, resorts and cafes in big cities such as Hanoi, Nha Trang, Da Nang .
. have a great demand for bamboo products, But the supply of this item is not much, I think this is the opportunity to "change your life" and don't hesitate to catch. By the knowledge and skills accumulated in Ngoc Dong bamboo and rattan village, together Some capital contributed, early 2019, I decided to return to my hometown ". The tables and chairs were beautifully produced at Xuan Son campus.nghĩ is to do, equal to the capital of VND 200 million and borrow more From banks, relatives, Mr. Son has returned home to open bamboo and rattan workshop with a budget of nearly 1 billion dong.Anh Son Share: "The date of starting the workshop, the capital source is limited so I encountered many difficulties in Purchasing materials. On the other hand, the mate of rattan bamboo is a new local trade, needs the ingenuity and the temperament. Therefore, I have to invest much on time and effort to transfer rattan techniques, design the design for workers. Furthermore, the first day of products made difficult in consumption. Even so, the bumps on the stottage path did not make me faltering ".Doin production of tables and chairs, Anh Son's base also produces rattan yarns to export to foreign countries and craft villages Danwashing clouds in the country. By talented and creative hands, Mr. Son has overcome difficulties to rise, build a career on the main land of Que Huong. Come on, after 3 years of construction and bamboo and rattan production facilities He had a place in the market, creating jobs for dozens of local workers. In addition to the production of furniture and chairs of Anh Son also produces rattan raw raw yarns to export to Europe and domestic rattan craft villages. Putting the bamboo and rattan products "Made in Ha Tinh" Sea in the sky of bamboo and rattan products are finished by workers. With current revenue reaching 550 - 700 million VND / month, Tre Xuan Son bamboo and rattan basis is gradually reaching the range, not only consuming in the country , Anh Son's bamboo and rattan products also expanded the market to "Europe". This is the "leverage", the motivation for him to expand the production scale, efforts to build products to meet the OCOP standards Sustainable output in the future. The product of Mr. Son is trusted by customers by good quality and beautiful designs. (Photo: NVCC). Thanh Son excitedly said: "Currently, on average every month, the factory is about 7 - 10 tons of rattan rattan, for 65 million dong / ton and 70 sets of tables and chairs, with prices from words 1.5 - 3 million VND / set. The products outside the domestic market are also transferred to the purchasing hub in Ha Nam, which are exported to the European market, for revenue from 550 - 700 Trieu dong / month ". Binh Trien every month, Xuan Son facilities shipped about 7-10 tons of rattan and 70 sets of tables and chairs, for revenue from 550 to 700 million VND / month. stable consumption market, muscle Xuan Son Bamboo and Rattan Production Department created a regular job for 20 employees, with a salary of 6-9 million dong.Anh Nguyen Dinh Truong (SN 1984, Trung Son village, Cam Son commune) Share: "Yes He painted vocational training, not only, but nearly 20 workers in the area had a stable job with a high income. Currently, my work is to stand rattan spinning machine, salary of VND 300,000 / day. Sticking with the facility has been 3 years, but never when we have to take a break for all the fact, almost the product makes it all there, many times we have to increase the new cases of customers. " .Anh Son is working hard to build omitted bamboo and rattan products to sustain the output in the future. "With the number of workers, every day, the base consumes more than 1 ton of raw clouds Raw, creating more than 3 quintal rattan and about 3 sets of tables and chairs. Although it has done the capacity, but sometimes the product does

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