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The new agreement between the United States, England and Australia (Aukus) is considered his first victory, and is the first step to bringing this country back to the global position since leaving the European Union. And the United States to the lowest level for decades, he emerged as an unforeseen victory, even though the new alliance between the US, England, Australia has caused anger and accusations throughout three continents. In the comment on England after the Aukus Agreement, New York Times said according to officials in London and Washington, the British government played a lead role in brokers to create a three-party alliance with the US and Australia, In order to implement nuclear energy submarines in the Pacific Ocean. The turning point is announced a few hours after Australia canceled the submarine agreement worth $ 66 billion with France, causing anger Paris, while London enjoys satisfaction. For British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, this is his first tangal victory in the campaign I returned to a global post-Brexit time, New York Times commented

. Closer to the "Global British British" since leaving the European Union (EU) on 18 months ago, Brexit supporters always Reminding the phrase "Global Britain" (Global Britain "(Global Britain), but it seems that this country has not really achieved any significant achievements to confirm the slogan on. American President Joe Biden Meeting online with players General Australia Scott Morrison (left), and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on September 15. Photo: New York Times
However, the agreement was signed on September 15, in which the US and the United Kingdom would provide Australia submarines, affirmed his position as a military powerful intensive Nuclear, as well as a reliable Alliance of America. The agreement also shows that Prime Minister Johnson's efforts to build his presence in Asia. Now, he negotiated trade agreements with Australia, Japan and South Korea, and deployed The carrier to help the US watch China in the South China Sea, where Beijing is affirming its imperial ambitions by building a military base chain.Kim Darroch, former British ambassador in Washington, said: " The first time we started to become a global England. We are starting to build real presence, in the field of defense and economy, in that area of the world ". DARROCH warns that the economic benefits you can get from the agreement Still negotiating with the United States. Participating in a security alliance also sets the price and expectations for him. British officials say this agreement is evidence of their ability to rise hard in a post-Brexit world. According to British officials, Australia approaches him first to ask him and the United States to help the country deploy nuclear energy submarines. Australia believes that diesel engine samples are provided in agreement with France will not be suitable for a future that China is a greater threat than ever
Boris Johnson's general, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Total American Mini Joe Biden at the G7 Summit in June. Photo: UPI. The officials said he and Australia have actively launched a recommendation to Washington, including the exchange between Mr. Johnson and Mr. Biden in June At Group 7 Group (G7) in Cornwall, England. They revealed he had to convince the US to Australia's reason not to buy submarines directly from the US. In the number of arguments, he said the military protocols of the country linked more closely than the intersections The Australian military awake. So, with the presence of Britain, Australia can operate its technology equipped easily. A Biden administration official said the White House did not intend to type him from the alliance. " Especially does not mean equality, "Johnson said he watched" a special relationship "with the United States as the foundation in his foreign policy, despite the fact that Mr. Biden cleed his views on Afghanistan aside . The prime minister made it clear that he would support Mr. Biden about the US priority in competing with China. Johnson argued that leaving the European Union would allow him to be more independent in the combinations work with China. However, after China strongly suppressed demonstrations in Hong Kong - his former colony, his Chinese policy was almost no different from the US policy. Some British policies said Benefits from an unworthy submarine agreement to accept hidden consequences. Theresa May, former British Prime Minister, warned that he could be dragged into a war with China on Taiwan's issue. Besides, the submarine agreement may worsen the relationship between the country This with France, which is stressed by post-brexit disputes over fishing rights and migrants through the Manche Strait.Turry HMS Queen Elizabeth's most modern at the naval base of Portsmouth, England, in the month 5. Photo: AFP. Degree view of the French Government for you

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