British Millionaire Family For The First Time Experience Feeling As Poor

Participating in the actual program, Kelly Filistad millionaire couple realized it was necessary to spend a lot of time next to the child, so it should not only know how to work in: 00/2: 46 nam Molunt of Kelly Filistad, CEO of one The company on Digital Marketing is based in Buckinghamshire (England), and two daughters and two daughters participating in the actual TV show "Rich House, Poor House". In the episode of the channel Channel 5, they were swapped Life with the Ryan House, a family having economic difficulties. Kelly and her husband, Rob, live in 5-bedroom mansion. On average, they spent £ 1,600 per week to take care of two sienna daughters (8 years) and Bella (4 years old). The rich family still hires a breast to take care of two small princesses, helping them Have business time

. Kelly family swap life with a family with difficult conditions to experience.quen with luxurious lifestyle, fully equipped so Kelly couple was shocked when swaping life with Natalie and Nikki Ryan spouses. The Ryan House has only 100 tables per week to feed children
In the time of participating in the program, the millionaire mother received a word "scene". Kelly realizes that he needs to spend more time for you. "I realized that it was important to be for real quality children, not beside them but distracted by work," Kelly Talking.When moved to the house of strangers, Kelly said that initially her husband and wife "a little scared". "I don't know how they arranged, because their families have 3 small children but only 2 Bedroom, "Rob said after watching the new place. Millionaire husbands are a bit difficult to sleep on the old bed, tired of a broken boiler that causes them to not have hot water to take a bath. Large daughter Sienna confided Before the camera, "It's great to have a lot of time with your parents, because they often work continuously." The daughter's daughter made Kelly and my husband unexpectedly. "I'm surprised when you say that, we only live once, the business is very important but so is the time for the family too." The daughter confided to have a lot of time with his parents
In contrast to the Kelly House, the Natalie family struggled to take care of 3 children Luca (13 years old), Kyan Brody (7 years old) and daughter Veronica Rose (19 months old) .NATALIE Pregnant children Very young. She worked in the field of wedding organization, but recently, the work froze because the epidemic makes the financial situation worse. Her husband and wife also brought a 30,000-pound debt. Natalie husband was also curious to swap life with a millionaire family, for the first time to live in the house with cinemas and office workers. "I know them Rich but do not imagine their lives are so luxurious. I have shed tears when Kelly and Rob created a great life for their children. It motivated I wanted to work more. But I wonder if I can do like them. I don't seem to achieve any achievements in my life, "Natalie expressed. After the show, Kelly and Rob offered to help the Natalie family by helping her Promote websites about wedding organizations. Kelly also offered to buy them the sucking mattress to have a better sleep. The scope: @kellyfilistad

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