British Students Stuck In Afghanistan For Adventurous Travel

Miles Routledge flew to Kabul (Afghanistan) on August 13, at the time of Taliban preparing to control the city, according to Telegraph. When planning a tourism plan at the beginning of the year, Miles Routledge (21 years old) declared Dad will reach the 10 most dangerous countries in the world and study them. Before that, he visited Chernobyl (Ukraine) - where the worst nuclear disaster in the world. The physical industry in Loughborough University (UK) recorded the journey to move to his Afghanistan on the online forum Line 4chan, joking that he will "go to sunbathing and soak in the sun" in 5 days. Then, the 21-year-old boy does not pay much attention to the security threat to the Taliban rebellion

. .Routledge takes photos at a military control latch in Kabul. At August 15, his trip encountered many significant complexities when the city of Kabul fell into the Taliban hand
However, Routledge attracted a large number of followers on the Internet. I posted some live videos at Kabul onto the Twitch online delivery. In a clip, Routledge said he had just escaped his death after the Taliban's encounter. Boys also posted Selfie photos beside the weapon at the location he affirmed that the military control. There, Routledge posted a number of other updates on the personal Facebook page. He shared about "anarchy" in the capital in Kabul, also the mental harms affecting him. The canceled flights make him fall into a difficult situation.Nam student regularly updates the situation on online forums. A acquaintance of Routledge's name from the university has described this male student The "craving for attention" people. It is known that Routledge was famous at school by establishing an anonymous puzzle page
"But, I don't think he expects many attention. This trip is like something that he can tell with friends and posted a few pictures online, "This person told The Telegraph. This person listened to Routledge for the first time to mention the tourism plan from the month 3, before buying tickets in May 5. "I just thought he was really too bad when she put the day to fly on this occasion," This person said. On August 17, Routledge was successfully evacuated to Dubai . On August 16, Routledge said he participated in the "Emergency Evacuation" after finding the shelter for Western forces. A photo, which was now deleted, was made by Routledge he posed with a thin jacket in the British flag shaped with the rifle. He was safely evacuated to Dubai, according to the sharing of the male student Tablets on social networks. "The ending of Hospice: I landed in Dubai thanks to the talented soldiers of the British army. All are safe!", Routledge wrote, accompanied by the video showing he was in one Crowded military aircraft. Currently, the post has been removed, Vice reported. The spokesman of the Foreign Affairs British said that he has grasped information about this case and is trying to contact the individual to suggest support. " It is trying to contact all British citizens that we know still in Afghanistan to help them leave that country, "said the spokesman. Miles Routledge: Miles Routledge

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