British Warships Are About To Deploy To The South China Sea To Turn Away From Heavy Damage

The British Navy said that HMS Diamond was entangled with a number of technical bugs and had to leave the combat team for maintenance, inspection and conduct necessary repairs.0: 00/3: 29 nam nammen here, one In the two Type 45 destroyers of the Royal Navy, the Royal Navy was assigned to escort the carrier combat group (CSG) that had a severe error and had to dock at the Mediterranean Sea instead of the same time over the Suez Canal With the group of ships. HMS Diamond has just a visit to Egypt at the end of June 2021 before coming to Larnaca, Cyprus. It departed on July 5 but did not join CSG through the canal on July 7. Ship HMS Diamond finally temporarily arrived a port of NATO in Augusta, Sicily whether the repair must be taken in the port that was more eligible

. The Royal Navy spokesman answered Navy Lookout: "Ship HMS Diamond has entangled some technical errors and had to leave the combat team to maintain, check and conduct necessary repairs. It will return to the fighting group in the future. "British airport warmer passed through Suez canal, in which the leader was USS The Sullivans of America
(Photo: Navylookout) Another non-governmental source said the ship was defective of the WR-21 gas turbine engine and may have to replace the whole engine cluster. For the WR-21 engine with many errors right from the stitch Next, but the gas turbine engine has many advantages in compression ratio and capacity, and the replacement of this whole plant cluster on the British destroyer is quite easy. The special repairer team of Rolls Royce, BAE Systems and the Royal Navy are also ongoing to move to repair the engine at any time. In the past, technical soldiers on HMS Invincible have even replaced both ship turbines of the ship right on the sea after the Falklands island. HMS Diamond in particular and the Type 45 destroyer is generally quite good Many errors. The HMS Diamond itself was seriously damaged on the Mediterranean Sea in November 2017 and had to abandon the Fighting Deployment Plan in September and the same year. It has encountered a problem with the propeller and must be taken Going up at Portsmouth port. This time, if only the engine error, people won't need to put it on the dry dock to repair. This is a rather severe problem because Type 45 is the most modern warship in the Fleet In the hands of the British Navy and the British need to have this type of ship in hand to deploy in the upcoming East Sea. The Navy Britain is confident that they will keep up with HMS Diamond, but in case they don't do it, In his hand, only one type 45 is HMS Dragon can deploy according to the "Emergency" plan
HMS Diamond has broken the gas turbine engine and must wait back to return to him to fix it Journey with the carrier combat team. (Photo: Navylookout) The program to deploy British carrier combat team in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean has succeeded initially, but there have been many problems arising and will affect the program Later, including a suicide of the sailor on HMS Kent, the outbreak of Covid-19 cases on some ships and most recently was the damage of the HMS Diamond. The British Navy's strongest warship, in which the HMS Defender of this class was used to "aggravate" to Russia in the recent CRUM Peninsula. However, the vessel price of 1 billion pounds of each one also carried a lot of errors, especially the motivational system. According to the British Navy, the type of type 45 destroyer has encountered more than 5,000 failed errors Since the launch. In it, it is possible to mention 967 deteriorated HMS Daring ships from 2011 to 2015, Ship HMS Dauntless with 895 failure, HMS Dragon 887 Corruption, HMS Diamond 818 Corruption and HMS Defender - New ship Crimea's new territorial waters are 844 malfunctions (from 2012 - 2015). Hung Hung (Source: Forbes)

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