Britney Spears Was Sent To Use 46 Billion To Protect Themselves, Especially Here The Money Of The Star

Using the daughter's money to 'against daughter', Mr. Jamie Spears received bad criticism from the online community. According to People Magazine, Jodi Montgomery - who assumed the role guard of Britney Spears In the past 2 years, filing a minimum of the star's idea of using $ 2 million from Britney's property (about VND 46 billion) to "protect itself as a protective property". The above amount used to pay for attorney fees and representatives Mr. Jamie Spears hired to answer the interview to protect himself before the media after broadcasting the documentary Framing Britney Spears

.In the Los Angeles court, She pointed out that: "Jamie must focus on Britney's wish to recover and end protection. Instead, he began to blame and attack the media ".Ba Jodi - Personal Protection for Britney for the past 2 years
Before that, Mr. Jamie Spears said he was not the one who made his life daughter Get worse. All controls are located in Mrs. Jodi. However, Jodi Montgomery reflects Jamie's application for her who is responsible for Britney's life since affirmed that all decisions have to go through Mr. Jamie because he manages property Women's stars as well as managers almost all needs related money). There are no requests to be accepted by Mr. Jamie, she cannot do another. Jamie Spears is a controller and made Britney's life more suffering
In addition, Sam Ingham - a lawyer appointed by the court for Britney Spears filed a resignation. Ms. Jodi also shared, contrary to others, she won't resign and will support Britney until Britney's protection is terminated. The singer will continue to fight for its freedom. It is known that Mrs. Jodi is a personal protector of the female singer, while Mr. Jamie is the manager of financial-related issues. In addition, Britney Spears will continue to be at the trial on July 14 to present the aspirations to terminate the rights from their father. Khanh Ngoc - CTV

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