Broadcast ‘connecting’ Special Numbers

VTV1 will broadcast the program 'Connection melody' special number to the success of the National Cultural Conference 2021. "Connection melody" is a weekly music program of the art board - Vietnamese Television Male. Every week is a theme, the program is loved by the audience because of the youthful, close, with the exciting exchange of guests with the same songs. In the number of broadcasts here at 22h on 28 -11 coming, "Connection melody" special number welcomes the success of the National Cultural Conference will bring the audience the songs showing the beauty of the country, Vietnamese people, offering pride , the aspiration of each person to contribute to the cause of building and developing the Fatherland. The success of the "National Cultural Conference 2021" has continued to affirm that the national cultural values are crystallized and Perform in each human soul, becoming the moral and spiritual foundation of Vietnam

. The time, President Ho Chi Minh always appreciates the role, the high mission of culture: "Culture for the way to the country". People stressed: "Art culture is a front, the artist is a soldier on that front". Imnovere of Uncle Ho's teachings, Vietnamese musicians wrote the songs that reflect the lively and true true to protect and build the Fatherland with the spirit of dedication, exposure to love
That Shen, Ekip implemented the program "Connecting" the successful welcome number "National Cultural Conference 2021" has focused on producing a special art program with folk songs, the songs engraved In profound painting for the beauty of the country, Vietnamese people from traditions to modernity in the construction and development of the country. Each song is produced by ethip production in the program shows a spirit of exposure , full of faith, hope into a radiant, beautiful future of the country through love hearts, love people, enthusiastically in labor and learning like: a heart a hometown, lotus, mashup Going to the temple - Climbing the sloping, spring on the homeland, singing on rice trees today, construction songs, therapy of spring wine, girl with Vietnamese smile, face wings I, Vietnamese hearts ... Participate in the "Connecting" program Special numbers with singer Tung Duong, Pham Thu Ha, Ta Quang Thang, Guo Mai Thy, Timeline group ... with many singers and acts Other dancers. Particularly, Singer Tung Duong will show 3 songs "Singing about rice today", "construction songs" and "Spring realism". Taking on the role of leading the program is MC My Lan

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