Brother And Sister-in-law Married The Day Before The Next Day I Met Them At The Hospital, Secretly Hiding Behind It Was Too Shocked

Honestly I admire my brother's love and responsibility. But if I'm a sister-in-law, I won't get married instance: 00/2: 00 namanh guys and my sister-in-law married a few months ago. Currently they are renting private houses outside, do not live with my parents. For a few months now there is a thing I still think that I don't know if I should reveal with my parents or not. After holding a wedding party, my whole family was suddenly because he didn't go to honeymoon, though The company has a break

. People thought they saved money, not anything big so no one wondered more. A day after his brother's wedding, I went to the hospital to visit the acquaintance, surprise when meeting their couple. The sister-in-law from the urinary clinic came out, obviously she was sick and visited
I immediately asked to ask, strangely, they were very confused when they saw me. At that time I guess my couple had thing to hide everyone. Then I met my brother and question. It wasn't forever that he was honest that sister-in-law was suffering from stage 3 kidney failure. But he was still determined to marry her for love and sisters several years together. However, he took me to hide his parents, if he knew what he would be shocked. Should I meet my sister's own talk? (Artwork) Honestly I admire my brother's love and responsibility. But if I'm a sister, I will not marry. By doing so, it is no different from destroying my brother's life. Wedding, she will not be able to give birth, nor do his role and responsibility well
The contrary also becomes a big burden for my brother. She was selfish when she only knew her happiness. I would love to tell my parents but my brother was harshly forbidden to guess. Over the past few months, see the grandparents who hope I have to hold, I feel too much to trade my parents too. If you know the sister's sickness, it doesn't know how sad you will be. The age of his grandparents should have been adjacent to those nearby, the grandchildren gathered next to me. What did I owe my debt? Should I meet my sister's own talk? According to Giang Giang / Fatherland newspaper

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