Brown Mink Albino Intense Battle Pants With Musk Mice, Which Side Will Win?

Both are uncompromising in this battle of this death. A brownwoman with albino named Ma'ska has captured a musk mouse (scientific name: Ondatra Zibethicus) big under a canal Remove the water. Although it was only trained to hunt the skills of the brown mink still extremely vulnerable. Standing in front of the opponent was not inferior to the weight, the ferron showed his ingenuity, it kept tight The opponent and struggled intensely. Then launch the leverage to the top of the mouse with sharp teeth

. A musk scent is about 40-70 cm long, the tail takes half length and weighs from 0.6-2 kg, they are invasive species Destroyed by natural enemies is brown mink. Their fur is highly valuable, so it is often hunted
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