Brush Your Teeth Before Or After New Breakfast, If You Know This Must Be

Vietnamese people have a habit of brushing their teeth when they get up and breakfast. While in some Western countries, they eat breakfast and then brush their teeth, go to work in: 00/3: 41 South men usually have a habit of brushing before breakfast, but this action is good for strength Oral health? Our Vietnamese people most have a habit of brushing their teeth after falling up and eating breakfast. Meanwhile, in some countries like France, they like to eat breakfast first, then brush their teeth, bath and go to work. So, what is the right way of taking care of oral? First? Mouth contains a lot of bacteria! Mouth is the ideal environment for bacteria to grow and grow. Bacterial bacteria exist in both forms: harmful bacteria, beneficial bacteria and neutral bacteria

. Only when the proportion of beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria are balanced, the oral cavity is healthy and avoided Being diseased like stomatitis. It is estimated that there are more than 400 types of bacteria in human mouths, with 10 billion bacteria in 1G tartar in healthy people, 80 million Neisseria bacteria in 1ml saliva and 1 billion Anaerobic streptococcus in 1g of gum secretions, these are incredible numbers. Disability dominates the number and categories are at the occurrence of dental diseases and vice versa
2. Breakfast or brush the teeth first? We all know that if not brushing the teeth in the evening, the plaque will grow on the teeth. This is a mixture of food residue and bacteria, can be removed by rinse and brushing your teeth. Share views on the question "Should eat breakfast before brushing your teeth, or brushing your teeth before breakfast", Doctoral Medicine Chu Vuong Dung, Dental Clinic, National University Ton Trung Son believes that the exact way is to eat breakfast first, brush his teeth. According to him, crude food can act as a brush in Breakfast, allowing your self-cleaning teeth in the chewing process. Also, after eating about 20 minutes, the new plaque will form on the teeth, if you eat breakfast after brushing your teeth, the plaque will be on the transparent teeth All day. If you brush your teeth after breakfast, you can remove the diets on your teeth and prevent the formation of dental plaque. Most people are familiar with brushing before eating In the morning, but the right order must be breakfast first and then brush the teeth.Hung-thuc-pham-co-hai-cho-rang-mieng-ma-ta-biet-va-han-che.jpg usually It takes 12 hours to develop and Harming tooth
Therefore, so that oral hygiene is maximizing the effect, you should brush your teeth at least 2 times a day in the morning and evening. Do not play more than 3 times because they will adversely affect health Oral teeth.3. Should your teeth be brushed right after a meal? There are many views that: "To brush your teeth at least 30 minutes after eating". Because after the substances in the feeding enamel will reduce the abrasion resistance of the enamel. Foam water can adjust the pH in the mouth, accelerate the process of re-mineralizing teeth, helping to protect yeast teeth. Saliva has not yielded yeast teeth within 30 minutes after meals, and the tooth brushing is very easy to damage the teeth. Experts say this is not really right. Cho-Rang-Meang-Ma-Ta-nen-biet-han-che (2) .jpg Foam is really adjustable to adjust the pH of the mouth, but different effects in each person. The researchers have Check the changes in the pH in the mouth through experiments and discover that after eating, the pH in everyone's mouth will decrease and will drop to a minimum in about 12 minutes. The pH in the mouth begins to increase slowly, about 30 minutes later, the pH in the mouth returns to normal levels, only some objects with heavy tooth decay have a pH lower than 1 hour after meals, the houses Research suggests that saliva does not fully protect teeth. In contrast, if we do not clean the large amount of remaining foods in the oral cavity after eating, we will corrode teeth slowly, long will form tooth decay. Time after meals can type Take a timely feeding of dental food and protect your oral health. Also get used to how we should remember to maintain brushing every day in the morning and evening to protect your dental oral. (According to Toutiao)

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