Bts Set A Record To Sell Tickets When Collecting 33.3 Million Usd After 4 Hits

With only 4 concenses, BTS has collected 33.3 million USD with 214,000 fans directly to see; This is the largest ticket sales in the US in the past 18 years <: 00/2: 19Thu Namtheo Billboard, 4 concerts "Permission to dance on Stage LA" of BTS - Launch on November 27 and finalize At the end of December 2 - collected the total amount of impressive amount of $ 33.3 million and welcomed 214,000 fans directly to the Sofi stadium. This is also the largest ticket sales in the US for the past 18 years, and is a highest place to sell tickets for a highest place within 10 years.BTS organizes 4 nights at Sofi Stadium

. Management Company of BTS, Big Hit Music explains, "BTS has carefully selected songs that match large-scale concerts and want to give fans around the world to see this concert this time". Contains up to about 70,000 people, but because of a 't' t 'stage installed, BTS is said to have welcomed about 50,000 spectators every show. And noted that the audience for 4 nights concert was 214,000 people
Also, BTS attracted 18,000 spectators through "Live Play in LA", the program on its own screen at YouTube Theater and received 581,000 audiences Fake through online play. The total number of people who watched the concert at the Sofi Stadium, YouTube Theater and online players are 813,000 people. The performances on the Sofi stadium of BTS also won the largest Billboard BallScore in California history - and loud things Two previous ever in North America, only behind Bruce Springsteen 10 took place in 2003 at New Jersey's Giants Stadium. Billboard also noted that all previous concerts of BTS often have a large total revenue of at least doubling 4 nights at Sofi with a minimum of 8 performances. In addition, BTS has made history when he becomes the first English-not-speaking artist who earns more than 20 million USD in a tour. The success of the Concert Chain in La, BTS will hold a direct concert Korea in March 3/2022. The management company said it will work with the artists to attempt to hold the Concert to welcome the audience directly because this is the first opportunity to meet the hometown fans after 2 years. Many experts predict pandemic will be one The variable affects the plan to organize the group's direct concerts in Seoul in March in the context of increasing concern about the new Omicron variant.Le Anh (

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