Buddha Taught 5 Things To Help People Apply To Eliminate Disease

Buddha teaches people to control yourself in eating. Find yourself a job to become a useful person for everyone around with your kind things. The Buddhist teaches to help prevent people who are often fear of greener, morality. But few people know that sometimes herself is harming himself without knowing. Buddha taught, the reason why people often communicate into the main person are due to 5 articles

. - First: eat dinner too full - Monday: sleep too much-letter three: have too length life-fourth: To be mindful - Thursday: Lazy labor. Many people all day to play, gather friends for tea cups, done and sleep. The life happened so sooner or later died in poverty and illness
Don't have to take the medicine, just according to my instructions, the disease will gradually be out, you will live together. Remember the Buddha's words to teach lives to be happy and healthy. The most don't eat dinner too much. Because eating, there will be a lot of pressure to work hard, causing other diseases to come. The evening is the time to rest, rather than to eat. Method do not sleep too much. It is true that sleeping is very important but does not mean a lot of sleep. Sleeping lots will produce some diseases like if you sleep for a long time in a position will cause hardening and painful people. Third, don't live. Life that only only plays and has only brought about disease for themselves
I can deceive anyone but can't trick yourself. The mind of the disease from here will cause other diseases that you don't know why you are sick. Fourth must know to mind to others. Being a person, I have to care about others, the feeling of others because when you hurt others, it is the damage to yourself. Only when I was doing what I like and it brought the benefits of people around me, you were so played, filled with live plastic. Thomen / KhoeVadep

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