Buddha Taught: The Couple Comes Together Is Predetermined Charm, Just Doing These Three Things Are Full Of Houses

Buddha teaches happiness Marriage is the couple who must continue together. Spouses Although two people are not in the same blood but emotionally are extremely sacred, beautiful and worthwhile to cherish Downloadance. He was the two unfamiliar people who couldn't go along with each other, called a charming person. It is true that, meeting is the idea of heaven, together with people. Based on the couple of preservation and development, the charming once a meeting became a hundred-year break

. A harmonious family is a premise for society to develop. In order to have a harmonious family, the most important thing is still because individuals are adjusted, or in other words, the happy family is decided based on the vun of both spouses. Illustration
Happy husband, the two sides have to cederately, lowering me to live. Spouses should be fast when they live together, so it is expected to be long and happy. Buddha watching marriage is not only a charming person to connect happiness to love but also the opportunity for individuals (wife, husband) to improve yourself. Chung Thuy is the open key of happiness teaching happiness Marriage is the couple who must continue together. The couple is not the same blood but the affection is extremely sacred, beautiful and worth it to respect. The teacher teaches that, the woman must know how to keep her virtually, the men are not born in evening (not right away straight). The fusion in husband and wife's life is extremely important, is the ethical assessment of a human. Man and women need to remember, happiness should not wait until the next life, nor do you need to search in the place Which is far away now it is right now. Many people aspire are happy but blindly blindly do not know what to respect what I'm CSO. Factory, mutual love is how to help husband and wife are always happy

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