Buddha’s Teaching Of Happiness: Tam Thien Is To Pick Up Blessings

Buddha taught that anyone in this world if he knew enough to live enough, to be satisfied with what he had, he had countless happiness and he wanted to work with goodness to be good to be good to be good Everyone knows, but if working is good but the mind is unwholesome, the result is completely contrary to the stories. Ask each person, give an example of the evil things they know. One of them said, scolding to beat the person who was evil, respect for the goal of being good. Zen Master said, not certain. Another person supposed to be greedy to grab the doctors of the person who was evil, preserving the passion

. The Zen Master also said that it was not certain. Everyone in turn gave different examples of good and evil, but the Zen Master shook his head that, not certain. Feeling confusing, the births asked the Zen Master to explain themselves
At this time, the new Zen Master said: "Helps to the caller is good, just because of the self-employed self-called". Because of the benefits, no matter whether scolding is still good, on the contrary only for self-benefit so despite respecting the people also called evil. Also, doing good work that comes from the heart is " Truthfulness ", still superficially with" fake ". For example, if the mind is not good, no matter what thousands of people have no meaning; On the contrary, the mind of Truthfulness, though there is no charity, but a smile or a sincere fist is enough to accumulate Germany. The first virtue of the first Germany is not by the big What big hammers are, simply the language of them speak every day. As a painting or opportunity, love or hate also from the mouth. You can absolutely make people look good or bad about themselves through words. The words also don't lose money to buy, why can't it be satisfied. Let's talk to people when I dismantle the problem, don't take a hiring voice, I'm here, don't scold other people. Collect people who are not by wealth and fame but how to behave between people and people
When people encounter a mistake, use a way to say it, to avoid and encourage them to calm down, they correct. Sheeting only made them hate themselves, pushing them to dark thoughts. In the life you don't cool too coldly, a few questions Han right people, right situation will heat up the relationship. Encouraging their spiritual motivation, from our words is the German accident. By staying away from unfortunate things keeping the mind in the morning and avoiding making ethical wrongs, harming others. The disasters of the future are caused by evil, so remove this wrongdoing action. Also, actively work in a meaningful, good and more difficult circumstances. That helps you live comfortably, live more meaningful. Mold / KhoeVadep

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