Bugatti Supercar Opening The First Automobile Showroom In Southeast Asia

Bugatti's first showroom in Southeast Asia, in Singapore was assigned to Wearnes Automotive Group, despite the official distribution of Bugatti since 2006. This is also the 6th Showroom of Bugatti around the world. Recently, the image of Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport million yuan limited to 60 units in Singapore has attracted Asian media. The reason is that the lion country is rated as one of the few countries with extremely expensive supercars, in which the price of Bugatti Chiron abroad has been 2.6 million USD (equivalent to VND 59 billion ) It is estimated that Singapore rich houses have to spend no less than 175 billion VND to own Bugatti Chiron

. Interesting is recently, the reason for the appearance of Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport in Singapore has been media The country revealed. Specifically, luxury automobile agents Wearnes Automotive officially opened the Genuine Bugatti Gallery in Singapore after 15 years to have official distribution of supercars from this France. The story is more impressive when this is 1 in 6 Bugatti showrooms around the world, even surpassing both big and Korean people like China have a strong supercar
It is known that this is also the second Bugatti showroom opened in Asia, where the first place Bugatti is located here is Japan.Bugatti Singapore will be responsible for maintenance, inspection and sales for customers Asia-Pacific region. This means that giants in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea or to New Zealand can buy genuine Bugatti cars from agents in Singapore. To welcome this important event, Bugatti Singapore Agent Brought back water Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport to introduce to these customers as well as some VIPs of other Southeast Asian countries are exciting versions of Bugatti Chiron. Another interesting is that Singapore uses the right steering wheel (RHD), however, Bugatti does not produce which car has an inverse steering wheel so the giants here can buy cars on display. Disclosure of the number of Bugatti in Singapore is how many, but before opening the Bugatti showroom, in 2019, Wearnes Automotive Group has a secret introduction with its VIP customers about the RIMAC C_TWO electric supercar and There are 3 Bugatti Chiron on display with many other expensive hypercar cars. You may not be able to drive a Bugatti on the road in Singapore, but that has not prevented the historic Hypercar manufacturer of France set up Presence here. A notice given implicitly affirms that Singapore giants don't care much about the "RHD" barrier that has made the purchase of Bugatti's super products that cannot bring out a running line. The job is simply a space Dedicated to customers to learn cars or talk to sales team to learn more about the brand, Bugatti Singapore is also one of 6 outstanding service partners of Bugatti worldwide and is unique in Chau Asia. This means that Bugatti Singapore is equipped with tools and expertise to perform complex maintenance and repair tasks on cars, more than the basic maintenance and general maintenance services that Bugatti's standards can be done throughout the years, including Bugatti Japan to send cars here to handle complex mechanical problems
The only thing of the excellent service partners of Bugatti cannot handle a bad damage due to collision, in that case, the car will have to be transferred back to the factory in France to the " Father "handles. The 6th agent of Bugatti was opened in the world and placed at the Leng Kee Rd path or called Singapore's supercar sanctuary when concentrating most of the worldwide car brands.Video: visit Bentley / Bugatti Showroom in Singapore. Nguyen Nguyen

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