Bui Quoc Vu Shared: ‘factors To Succeed In Trading On E-commerce Channels’

Bui Quoc Vu was dubbed the 'golden face in the electronic commercial advisory village'. Because thanks to him, hundreds of individuals and businesses have succeeded in trading on digital platforms and online shopping channels. Recently, Quoc Vu shared the simplest ways to succeed in online trade. Let's follow up! About e-commerce channels, Anh Vu shared: "Shopee or Lazada or Tiki are great tools to provide people with the opportunity to start online business with little cost . The challenge is how to overcome price sensitive needs and existing competition in your industry market

. The e-commerce industry has grown at an amazing speed in Southeast Asia and it will continue for more than 10 years. This is a great time to start selling on sales channels. I will provide you with the 6 largest success factors to help you as a seller to optimize your sales channel with its maximum potential
"Element 1: Choosing Kinh products Suitable joint: E-commerce floors are quite a lot of small business shop owners or office people selected for sales. However, most of the best-selling items are low-value items only a few tens of thousands of VND or several hundred thousand dong. Therefore, online sales channel is great for store owners or individuals who want to sell cheap items like fashion clothes, fashion accessories, beauty products or snacks with rates Conforming with the majority of the most popular customers 2: Prepare for sales: How to sell on effective commercial channels It is necessary to plan to prepare for sales. That first was the time to invest in time. When doing business you have to regularly regularly to receive orders or reply to customers' messages while processing orders quickly. Customers will often ask about the product before making an order decision. Next is to write a good and attractive product description, next to the content description of the use or benefit of the product brings, you can write more things that customers or questions or commitments In terms of product quality, sales policies are beneficial to customers to attract customers to buy products. In addition, you need to invest in product images by shooting products professionally, you can shoot with your phone but must know how to handle photos to attract customers. How to get the order: to get the first order on the commercial page, you should use the "product push" feature usually in sales apps. The effect of the "Push Products" button is to make your products more present to customers simultaneously in the outstanding position
In addition, you need the appropriate time to push the product, it's best to push at your most online potential customers. In addition, you should share the product, Facebook or other popular social networks to attract more viewers and know your product or business shop. You can access Facebook and search for online sales phrases, there will be a lot of groups for you to participate in sharing. The advantage of these groups is that most members have an account on sales channels and proficiently in the purchase and sale of the network. If the factor 4: Take advantage of promoting the program to promote the purchase exchange of the appendages Application like Flash Sale: In order to increase sales you can apply some direct or indirect ways to help many people approach and purchase your goods. Direct ways are how you can actively be active to increase your customers and increase the amount of sale orders such as participating in the Flash Sale to the commercial channel. This is a very good form that helps you increase your customers. However, it is necessary to balance the financial statements to give the quantity to Flash Sale, otherwise you can the capital deficit because the products in the Flash Sale category will be discounted deep to stimulate the demand. Remember with customers who buy your product, you can ask them to leave feedback feeling to increase the prestige for shop.Hy hopes that the above factors will help individuals as well as businesses, are and will trade on e-commerce platforms. Bui Quoc Vu always wants himself to support more salespeople to contribute to the development of the home economy as well as help people who want business to have a solid foundation when starting to open themselves A new path and new life.

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