Building A Grave, Cobra Appears To Be Prepared To Attack, The Man Gently Says A Sentence Sentence

Recently, gravel workers at Cemetery Choa Chu Kang in Singapore had a memorable experience with a special 'resident' here.02: 00/2: 34 Southern stories of 1 company The name is Ramzul Ihsan posted in a Facebook group on Facebook specializing in Wildlife in Singapore named Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook on August 13, on August 13. My job in the cemetery Choa Chu Kang is suddenly a large black cobra has appeared immediately before their eyes. The object has gone all the size of its neck and stays in the defense posture, willing to attack Public intruders into its territory. Cobra's solid was in the defense posture, wide of its ancient size

. It is known that this is a self-defense reaction of cobra when suffering Threaten, provocative to look great and overwhelmed their enemies. However, encountered this situation, one of the graves took out "negotiating" with a cobra. " We The pond is working on, don't bother us ", this person gently speaks
Like the snake also understands the Word of the man should have" retreated "in silence and disappears into the trees The torture of the Cemetery of the Cemetery. Demonstrate the Mothership, Mr. Ramzul said that in this Muslim cemetery has a lot of solids. However, as far as he knew there was no attack solid. They built a grave, the cobra appeared to be prepared to attack, the man gently said one animal sentence, it was probably because of the public Multiplying the grave like Brother Razul knows how to handle them. They all observed very carefully, do not make animals unexpected, and then, if there was unfortunately "encountered", they all know how to "settle" in peace with them. Ramzul also has advice For others, especially those who have to work outdoors or go to the places with solids. "You are very careful, and create noise, not to drive or make them afraid, but It is for them to know your presence, "Mr. Ramzul said. In the meantime, when the story was shared on MXH, it also received positive feedback
Most people praise the extremely "reasonable and love" handling of graves to ensure their safety and safety for the surrounding ecosystem. The cobra is black (also known as a cobra with a black venom snake) mentioned above as endemic snakes and popular in Singapore. Their venom can cause blindness to shoot into the eye. However, this snake, as well as other snakes, often does not actively attack people, they only do so if they are provocative or threatened . Living at night and their feeds are frogs, clones and small rodents. If you suddenly meet a tiger snake with a black venom spray, or any other snake, be calm, don't come close or confront it, but keep the distance, you will always be safe. Thanh Huong / Law

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