Building A House, We Want To Go To The Red Book Name, My Father-in-law Is Stunned

During a meal onto a new house, I saw her father-in-law happy, I asked him to go to the red book for us. My husband married for 8 years, the same workers should be difficult to economic conditions. For many years we have to live with their parents. After giving birth to the second child, the house was cramped. We asked the land beside to build a house

. Mathematical calculations take a few days of her father-in-law agree. Fearlessly, I changed my mind so my husband decided to deploy the house to build the fastest possible. We only intend to be a house in a savings of 500 million
But then everything generated, when completing the amount of up to 900 million. The house side did not help anything, I had to borrow money from the foreigner. I passed, my couple made a rice bucket on a new house, during meals, Dad was very happy. On that occasion, I expressed my father in the name of the red book of land to build a house. My father sat in a moment and sighed and sighed, said: "A few years ago, my mother did it eat, she had to fill the red book at the bank to borrow money. (Artwork) I'm stiffened with my father's words. He shows a bank debt of 1 billion, how much money they do in their parents can only pay interest, and the debt is still intact. If you want to go to the land name, you must pay off those debts. I am mad in why you don't say soon so we don't build a house. Dad to tell the amount of bank debt is too large, to death, do not pay
Only known to rely on our healthy young people will make money and repay it. Because he didn't want to lose the ancestral land, he did not tell us this debt. I said in tears, such a big money, we didn't pay. The quarrel of her father's father took place all night. Finish construction will be peaceful to do business, doubt "crisis" debt make my husband helpless. I really don't know how to overcome this difficulty everyone? (Nhathuong ... @ gmail .com) According to

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