Building Of Solomon Prime Minister

Riots in the Solomon Islands on November 26 have turned around the third day. Although the situation seems to be gentle but the protesters turned attention to the prime minister and a building of the Prime Minister. Fire is dismissed on social networks that show, a building in the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands - Manasseh Sogavare in the capital Honiara has been launched while furniture is thrown everywhere . However, this is not the main place of Prime Minister Solomon. The Australian Communication said that the Prime Minister Solomon is still safe in the close protection of the police

. Many houses in the Chinese neighborhood in Honiara are destroyed. (Georgina Kekea source) believes from New Zealand media, many other buildings in Honiara have also been flattened. In the Chinese neighborhood in Honiara, only 6 buildings are intact
It is today on the 3rd day of riots taking place in the capital Honiara of the Solomon Islands due to unspoiled people with the government including cutting Ties with Taiwan (China) to officially establish relations with China in 2019. Leaders of opposition and protesters who request Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare to resign as the Prime Minister refuses this proposal and Aspects he was legally elected by the National Assembly so he could only leave this position with the decision of the National Assembly. Before the violent situation escalated, yesterday, the Solomon Islands government offered Australia and Papua New Guinea sends force to support. On the evening of November 25, 23 Australian police went to Solomon's Honiara capital. Today 50 police, 40 Australian soldiers and 20 Police Papua New Guinea will also come to this country to support security for Solomon./.View / VOV-Australia

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