Building Tents, Eating From The Night To The Night Along The Red River On Weekends

Beautiful weekends, weather only 19 degrees Celsius, many families, groups of friends in Hanoi invite each other to the mudflats along the Red River playing, camping, organizing birthday to late evening. Occasionally cool Hanoi weather is pleasant, many people invite each other to the land along the Red River (Vinh Tuy Bridge) to have fun on weekends. The entrance to the ground is charged at the price of VND 10,000 / person. Ha ha lives in Tay Ho district on the occasion of staying for children to have fun. "My family often goes camps but due to Covid-19 translation, this time is only home

. When the city returns to normal new, today is the first time the family goes back to Picnic," Ms. Ha said. Oanh Doan and friends are also present early and choose a river bank that organizes his birthday
"The weather afternoon people, we enlisted to watch the sunset and use a small party," said Oanh laughed. Many games like kite flying, soccer, terrain ride ... are preferred. The couples also take advantage of the riverside sunset on the day of the beautiful weather.17h30, Ms. Kieu's family built tent and North Kitchen prepares for dinner. "From the holiday so far, the children who are new to run out of jumping play. At home is also very beautiful, changing the wind a bit for the children as well
Camping ground is not too far, my family doesn't lose Many moves. There was probably on weekends, so crowded bumps, "said. Cool along the river. Many children can also follow their parents to have fun in the land after a long time at home due to the translation. Dao Thi Nga (green shirt) to the ground from 15:30, plans about 21h will Go home to keep the children going to sleep. "It is also dark but the ground is still quite crowded. To safely, my family chose to build a tent a corner quite far away from everyone. I also instructed children to limit contact with others," said Russia Som.18h, it was dark, the family began to group the fire kitchen for heating, water heating, dinner cooking. . They choose to give themselves far more lands to the river to have fun space, avoiding a crowded situation. A few small groups only come to dinner, so they don't carry tents, cans. You come to dinner on the river. This group has 10 people, only meals and has fun. "We like to come here in the evening, supporting the east, but it is not too noisy because everyone concentrates for dinner or gently singing", Tan said. The group of Tan also plans to stay here to play up to 22h. A few small families, you are not busy with the first week of the week in the land. "I see how sleeping is not very inconvenient because the land is quite close to the city center. However, because the house has a young child so I feel a little dangerous," Ms. Ha said.20h30, the land of the Red River is quite busy Beat by eastern people staying in play. Thao Thao

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