Businesswoman Shared The Secret To Recovering In The Pandemic

Building link value chain, ecosystem settings, supporting each other in business is how the entrepreneurs of the Global Leaders Network Happy Women Leader Network are set up to recover economy by women in Great transplants Share the secret to recovering in the pandemic in the seminar program revolves around the topic: "Economic due to women to recover in the epidemic of the value chain of the value of the product supply Service "with the participation of Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phu (Shark Phu) - Chairman of Sunhouse Group, Vice President of Hanoiisme; Mr. Mac Quoc Anh - Vice Chairman of the Small and Medium Enterprise Association of Hanoi - Hanoiisme, the female entrepreneurs of the Global Leadership Network Happy Women Leader Network had interesting sharing on how to recover and overcome Through the pandemic. Looking about the risks due to the disease given to businesses, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phu said: "Any epidemic or crisis is due to natural arrangements, it also ensures Balance of ecosystems and life

. Every storm occurs, irreish, barren trees will die, giving way to healthy plant sprouts. It is a rule of nature. The disease that occurs will eliminate weak businesses, there is no good preparation
But on the contrary, the land will be wide and more fertile for the remaining businesses. This will be a huge opportunity for businesses Healthy and steady business ". Building ecosystems in business representing the global leadership network, Tran Thi An entrepreneur, Happy Women's Chairman Northern, Sharing: Before Da I Translate, Happy Women's Global Leadership Network Happy Women Leader Network has training sessions, training for members all useful room situations. Especially to mention the strategy of "spiders Help members have links, as a ecosystem in business so that you can support each other. When the epidemic arrives, the members have promoted that strength, but from here more united businesses, the sisters closer to each other. Businesswoman also suffered harder injuries, instead of sadness, worry, they actively connect, exchange, share experiences, strengthen training activities ... Ms. Bui Thi Thanh Huong, founding and is Happy Women Leader Network President - Global Leadership Network with more than 6,000 official members of 60 branches across the global businesses also have creative creations in epidemics and typical as the program "goods change goods, No cash membrane "
Instead of buying goods of other businesses, the women in the female network will buy each other's goods, do not pay in cash that converts the product value to exchange products for each other. In fact, female business owners are excited to participate in the program, from which trade promotion activities are boouts, creating spread, promoting production and development activities. Activities of entrepreneurs, Mr. Mac UK stressed: Each industry will have different heads to lead, when put into the ecosystem will have specific solutions. We also see what sectors are essential for 1-3 years, there are industries that are eliminated that we keep investing, will reduce competitiveness ... small and medium-sized business associations. Hanoi decided to establish small and medium-sized business associations HAPPY Women TP. Hanoi for Happy Women Leader Network to operate the global leadership of the global leadership. Hanoi Mac Quoc Anh awarded the decision to establish small and medium-sized business associations HAPPY Women TP. Hanoi for Ms. Bui Thi Thanh Huong with more than 6,000 members globally, the female autonomy and business managers, Happy Women Leader Network will well perform the connection objectives and spread to the community Message helps women independent, autonomous and happy.

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