Buy A Bowl Of 70 Thousand Dong In The Flea Market, The Family Took A Ratings To Be Paid For 49 Billion Antiquities!

Accordingly, this bowl is only used by nobles and trong courtes in China.0: 00/1: 32Nam Nam a family in New York has actually changed his life when they get a bargain While walking a round at the old furniture market in the area.Theo, this family decided to spend the weekend to look at the old map near the house to see what's interesting and discover a bowl with looks In addition to simplicity are also extremely delicate. Feeling extremely love this item, the family has agreed to pay $ 3 (~ 70,000 dong) to bring in use. Images at the semi-old market to a moment, they feel extremely curious about The origin of the bowl should decided to send to the New York Inspection Association to ask experts to learn about it

. here, experts have discovered that this bowl actually had more than 1,000 years old! It was made from China's Tong's time. More special, this bowl is crafted according to the intentional technique only available at the time of Tong.Home with a creamy or opaque enameling technique, Dinh Dieu pottery has been the high quality commercial products Only for the nobility and great quanities in the court
Family bowls buy on Chinese materials also said that the technique of making ceramic stuff is headed in the table in Five Great Titland (5 techniques making items Ceramic) Finally Tong.Trong describes, the bowl is recorded with the advanced technical level highlighting the smoothness of the ceramic, the beauty of enamel water and lovely lotus marks are engraved inside. After being Bring auction, the last bowl has been paid a billionaire for $ 2.2 million (~ VND 49 billion).: Buzznicked

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