Buy A Car For The First Time To Choose Kia Morning All New Or Hyundai Grand I10 2021?

With the need to focus on extensive elements and features the features, Hyundai Grand I10 2021 will be a worthwhile name before Morning All New.0: 00/3: 59Nam Southern Morning Chungkia Morning is due to THACO Hai assembled and distributed in Vietnam since November 2020, while Hyundai Grand I10 2021 entered the new generation to market on August 6 last. The common point of both models is to assign Korean cars and is assembled in the country, aiming to a group of young customers or the first time to buy a car. Make the new generation of Kia Morning is open before Hyundai Grand I10 but Morning All New sales are always "short" before the Grand I10. This is clearly shown by sales in each month

. In this article, VietnamFinance will compare between these two models so that customers get the most objective review before deciding to go down to the car. Identity, modern steps to the new generation, the whole Morning All New and Hyundai Grand I10 2021 are strongly molting in the appearance of the car, bringing youthful and more modern than the older generation. The design line of Hyundai Grand I10 has a fashionable and dynamic style while Kia Morning has more sporty, personality
The exterior of the new round I10 generation is rounded, plump while Morning is stronger with the angular tendons. The two competitors focus on the front of the car when there are unique design headlights, Stylized fog lights and pit grille. The exterior sites of these two models are quite similar to each other when using the headlights, halogen fog lights. LED Positioning Lights LED Balls. In the back, Hyundai GRNAD I10 is equipped with LED cluster with light effects, along with the chrome door handle, integrated xi-nhan lights with rearview mirrors, lights Brake on LED form. Kia Morning is equally edge when equipped with unique LED-shaped LED taillights. The hyundai Grand I10 "rises" more than Kia Morning on the size of the regulatory parameter table above, easily notice Hyundai Grand i10 Yes Part spacious. Specifically, the Grand I10 is less than 210 mm long, 85 mm wider than 35 mm higher than that morning. The base length is also less than 50 mm long and the morning shining is also more "echmic". The interior space has a width of "slender" so Hyundai Grand i10 has a more airy driver than Kia Morning
The arrangement of details on the car such as the center screen, the air conditioning system, the functional buttons of both models is almost similar. About equipped with utility for users, Hyundai Grand I10 New generation And Kia Morning All New is equipped with multi-functional steering wheels, leather seats, 6-directional muscular driving chairs, 8-inch entertainment monitors, integrated Apple Carplay / Android Auto and smart keys combined The start button. The plus point of the Grand i10 is equipped with a map system that is integrated with useful information such as Hyundai 3S service points across the country, catering, entertainment ... and especially There are wind doors for rear morning is no less edge when equipped with automatic air-conditioning system instead of adjusting muscle like Grand i10, the car sound system is also more than 2 speakers (Morning 6 speakers, Grand I10 4 speakers ) The rules, the ownership of the interior space is more spacious and especially has the wind door for the second seat (only in the segment) to help the Grand I10 get more advantageous than Morning. Xehyundai Grand I10 and Kia Morning use the I4 gasoline engine, a capacity of 1.2 liters, producing a capacity of 83 horsepower combining automatic gearbox with 4-speed automatic system combination. However, the motors on the morning are tweaked for the traction greater than 6 nm compared to the Grand I10. Add a bright spot for Hyundai Grand i10 which is more than a 2-liter opponent and has lower fuel consumption A little bit of a safety utility, the two models are equipped with ABS anti-lock braking system, EBD electronic brake force, support three emergency braking as well as electronic balance and horizontal departure support Slope, 2 bags when, camera and reverse sensor. However, Hyundai Grand I10 continues to have the advantage over Kia Morning when there are additional Cruise Control automatic station systems and tire pressure sensors. With a budget with a range of less than 400 million VND, both Hyundai Grand I10 and Kia Morning is considered the two most worth the "rice bowl" in the current class A segment. With the need to focus on extensive elements and features features, Hyundai Grand I10 2021 will be a worthwhile name.

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