Buy A Wax Butter In This Way To Ensure That Plastic Butter Is Much More Delicious

Wanting to anneal ripe butter but still keep beautiful colors, you can apply the following ways to <: 00/3: 29 nam1 - Tips for annealing ripe ripe butter without using chemicals is a familiar fruit type We, especially with women because butter is a way to beautify the skin very effectively. Butter can be processed into different dishes, in the summer dishes made from butter are loved by many people because they are delicious, tonic and cool. Many people have a habit of buying avocado in bulk to use gradually But do not know how to anneal ripe butter butter and still ensure the deliciousness, and butter. The following tips will help you anneal the ripe butter: using a microwave oven if your home has a microwave, it can take advantage of them to make butter ripe faster. The high temperature in the oven will help but butter is even more delicious, it is not bitter, not bitter

. There are very beautiful colors, just like nine nine. You can use to vitify but avocado into this rice bin to be used by many people because of easy to do and convenience. It only takes 2-3 days that the avocado is nine and can be used immediately
Illustration. Only wash the butter and dry the butter and put the avocados on the rice and then the rice barrel. Every day check whether or if there is a ripe fruit, then take it out to avoid it because it does not notice but get ripened. To avocado with other fruits based on the exciting chemical properties of the fruits when nine. When the ripe fruit will secretally release an ethylene named and when leaving the nine fruits next to the green fruits in a narrow space, that substance will stimulate the ripe green, promoting the shortened Gaoline than normal. When buying green avocado to wash and dry with a clean towel and then put the avocades into the barrel, do not press the avocades on each other to avoid stamping, ranked, put a few fruits It is like bananas, oranges, guava upwards. One day checks once to promptly know what is left. When there is a left beginning to put it in the refrigerator to 2.3 days, you can eat well. Using the cloth to anneal this butter is quite simple, the material needs it only clean
This method of annealing avocado will be ripened longer than the ways stated above a little. Select a clean cloth, liner the fabric into the bottom of 1 carton and put the avocado above, finally cover one The fabric came on top and put the avocado. Be regularly checked to make sure there are no avocado butter. Using water to anneal this is a fairly interesting and unique butter. There is no fruit to use any fruit to use water, only for fruits in the water to close the nine. When buying avocado to arrange in the basket, note that putting the stalks upwards and not letting them press together. Then take a wet towel on the basket, every 2-3 hours of checking again, if the towel is dry Then wet the towel and cover it again. This will make the avocado nine evenly, beautiful blue without avocadoosis.2 - Suggest how to check the softness of the avocado option of avocados with softness, not backed. The butter is too soft that may have broken or there is no delicious taste or irregular ripe avocados, usually this is nine. When buying avocado, do not leave the nylon bag sealed because it will make the fruit quickly broken. Should be placed in a cool place, the stalk part is facing up and for ripe butter slowly. Just a ripe fruit, the surrounding fruits will also be ripen faster. Signs of recognizing ripe butter is very easy, you just need to touch the fruit softly, the stalk is also soft. If you don't eat right away, you can give ripe butter to the refrigerator, but should not leave too long because it will make it too long Butter loses delicious taste as well as nutrients.

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