Buy Japanese Dogs To Raise, 3 Months Later The Animal ‘shows The Picture’ Causing The Girl To Frantically Ask For Help

The girl had to spend the equivalent amount of more than 4 million VND to buy it, but then, she discovered a scary truth about the animal and had to go to seeking the help of 9: 00/2: 12nam Southern here for a long time, Ms. Vuong, came from Tan Trung city, Shanxi Province, China spent 1 amount equivalent to over 4 million VND to buy a dog belonging to the Japanese dog breed, with white fur Extremely cute crystals. She loves animals so Ms. Vuong has loved his pet. She takes care of it very carefully and often gives it to bed to sleep together

. Every day, Ms. Wang gave it fruits, chicken breasts and dedicated foods for dogs and pets regularly wrap tangerines together. However, after raising this dog for 3 months, Ms
Vuong Start panicking when the animal appears strange expressions. Suddenly, it definitely refuses to eat dog food. The tail it also started to be long, and its face was no longer a lovely pitiful, but gradually ... sharper. Buying Japanese dogs about farming, 1 time after the wild girl carrying when the animal "raw Figure ", must be saved to save the garden, the animal also causes her to wonder when it has never got a one." When it was 3 months old, its fur became thicker. Also longer is the tail of a normal dog, "Ms. Vuong spoke to Shanxi TV
Earlier when Ms. Wang took the puppy to walk in the park, she caught strange looks, with SOI Missing. There are other dogs who seem to see Ms. Vuong's pet, fear, but run away. Many people assist with her that whether it's like it, it's not ... dog. of a Japanese dog tail roll. It looks very susceptible to a white fox. Finally, Ms. Wang also led her pet to Thai Nguyen zoo to ask for comments from experts. Sun Letian, an expert here gave Ms. Wang knew, her pet was a fox. "Based on the size, it can be seen that this is a fox. It has a characteristic body smell and bigger The smell will be more clear, "the Sun expert shared. When Ms. Vuong took it here, the animal was about 30 cm long, and it was expected to grow even greater. Very sad, but Ms. Vuong I have to make a decisive decision, which is to bring the pet to this zoo so that it has a more suitable habitat and gets better nutritious care. Sun family also said, they will give Animal isolated for 1 month to check its health status, see if it is infected with no disease, it will be spread to the other animals here. In that time, if she missed the pet's I can completely visit it. According to Thanh Huong / Law

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