Buy The Old Picture Of The Price, The Owner Panicked When She Knew The Treasure

A man hiding his face bought his old painting for $ 30. However, after being evaluated by experts, it was worth up to 50 million USD.5 years ago, a named man who bought the old paintings about a mother and a child of a person Women are cleaning the house to prepare to sell houses for $ 30. The painting is located in the collection of architect Jean-Paul Carlhian, living in the outskirts of Boston city. He died in 2012 and his widow was Elizabeth who sold the house in 2016

. The man bought the picture just because he saw it very beautiful, full of art without knowing that it was actually a work Expensive art. The painting on yellow linen, no frame. Although the painting with famous nested in the art is the abbreviated 'AD' of Albrecht Dürer's alphabet, but many people think it is a copy Rather than the original work of this painter
The name man has lost a long journey with a significant cost to certify this picture is real goods. The work has to be taken to a number of different experts to authenticate the art style, fuzzy and even paper structure. After the art experts carefully evaluated, they have just discovered truth and amazement when the painting is worth about 50 million USD, many times the amount of man acquired. Paintings are also holding a record for the highest price of artwork on one level Adult teacher. "It was an amazing moment when I saw the picture of Albrecht Dürer's noctors. It was a masterpiece," Clifford Schorer, a art collector said. Living more than 5 centuries ago, Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) is a symbol of revival art in Germany. Dürer was born in the Nuremberg city of Franconia, one of Europe's most powerful and commercial centers during the 15th and 16th centuries for his father, a jeweler, and with a painter Local Michael Wolgemut - who has a workshop of wood carving illustration for books and large publications.Dürer lives during the transaction period between the late medieval period and the top of the modern period. It is the period of significant social fluctuations, when the church and religion are increasingly losing the importance
Intimate, the role of each individual becomes a top concern - even in art . The new image of the Renaissance man has become the focal point in literature, architecture, painting and sculpture. The Works of Dürer have reflected the great developments of the time. Also, Dürer likes to self-engraved itself, for example in Self-Portrait in A Fur Coat (self-portrait in the jacket Fur - 1500). You see the video: Detecting ancient golden money treasure in Central Israel. Source: TenT.That Dung (T.H)

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